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Posted by on Jul 3, 2013 | 2 comments

A Picnic Perfect Yard Sale Find

A Picnic Perfect Yard Sale Find

I bought these 3-tiered stainless containers at a yard sale this Spring, thinking they were too cool to pass up – a convenient rationalization for buying yet another yard sale treasure. When we were invited to hear a concert on the lawn at Wolf Trap, Matt and I decided we’d put the container to perfect use by making accompaniments to the bread, cheese, and salad our friends said they’d bring.


In one container, I drizzled a bit of balsamic vinegar over some basil from our garden, a few heirloom tomatoes, and Rainier cherries, pitted and cut in slices.





I put the remaining whole cherries in another container, over a few ice cubes to keep them chilled on the drive.


Matt used some of the basil to make a pesto, with garlic, olive oil and walnuts to go in the last of the three containers. I was surprised by the depth and diameter of each section and the volume of food we could carry in each.


There’s a set of latches to snap the topmost and middle tier together, and then another set that snaps all three tiers together.


And a nice handle that made it easy to carry the entire container in one hand.


We had a delicious meal at the concert, mixing our contributions with an assortment of cheeses, rustic crackers, baguettes, and a bean and corn salad. We also shared a chilled white wine and some hazelnut chocolate to nibble on after the sun set.



You can buy the three-tiered containers on Amazon. Now that I’ve used them one time already to great success, I will definitely use them for more outings this summer.


  1. Leslie, that is an Indian “Tiffin carrier.” The tiffin carrier or lunch box s a wonderful Indian invention intended to make sure one can have hot food on the go. Seeing your wonderful yard sale find (I wish I could also find one!) brought back fond memories of my childhood when hot lunches were delivered to me at school. Tiffin carriers are a staple of every Indian household. In large cities such as Mumbai, there is a whole industry around tiffin carriers. Traditionally, when men went to work and women stayed at home and cooked hot lunches for their spouses, tiffin carrier wallahs (men with long carts to carry the tiffin carriers) would come and pick up a hot lunch mid-morning and deliver it to the spouse at work in time for lunch, then pick up the empty carrier and return it to the dutiful wife at home.
    Now that men and women all go to work, there are thousands of people who offer hot lunches for office-goers at a price. It’s so much nicer to have hot food delivered to one’s desk than eating out in restaurants.
    Here’s a link to a lovely story about tiffin carriers in the NYT several years ago.
    Enjoy yours!

    • Thank you for sharing this information and memory from your childhood, Vineeta. So cool to learn about the origin of the tiffin.

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