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Posted by on Jun 24, 2013 | 3 comments

Urban Birding: The Old Town Ospreys

Urban Birding: The Old Town Ospreys

You don’t have to travel far to see some pretty amazing wildlife in Alexandria. I read about the family of osprey taking residence along the waterfront in Old Town and had to witness this ornithological extravaganza in person.


The family is easy to find. First, head on over to Founders Park along Union Street in Old Town.


You’ll see the giant nest sitting on a dock post in the river. Walk to the end of Dock H for primo viewing.


Admire the gazebo and nautical-industrial lamps along the way…



At the end of the dock (watch out there aren’t any railings) you’ll be able to get within 50 feet of the nest, a carefully constructed dwelling comprised of large sticks and debris. Osprey are known for building nests on telephone poles, so it’s no big surprise this family set up shop here.


While the babies rest comfortably, watch as mama bird goes hunting for fish, the sole diet of the osprey. Her wide wingspan is glorious and graceful.



She’s fierce and skilled, capturing her prey with sharp talons as she dives to the water from high in the air.


It’s quite an impressive scene. Have you stopped by to check out the Old Town ospreys? Word is the babies will be flying pretty soon, so if you haven’t checked them out, now’s the time.


  1. You are such great photographers!!

    • Thanks Danielle! My husband Mark took the bird photos. He’s got a great lens for action shots.

  2. Thanks for this tip, Katie. I’ll definitely head over there. Please congratulate your husband on the photos.

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