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Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 | 0 comments

The Wide World of Market Bags

The Wide World of Market Bags

Farmers’ markets are not only a chance to see a rainbow of produce and other whole foods, but also a great place to people watch and view the unique and stylish market totes and bags on parade. Here are some stand-out bags you might see on an average Saturday morning at our own bustling farmers’ market.


A bike basket overflowing with tomato starts…



The classic French market tote…


A more contemporary counterpart. I often see a few in different colors…


A woven basket the perfect size for quarts of berries and some savory treats…


These colorful straw totes were perfect for gathering swappable items at our Spring food swap and would work equally well at the weekly farmers’ market…


Stephanie, one of my friends from the Alexandria knitsters meetup made this super cute and sturdy market tote as holiday gift for a friend, so I decided to make one too.


I opted for a simpler and quicker crochet pattern. This was my first ever crochet project, but with a little guidance here and there from experienced stitchers, I made the bag in about a week. I’m happy to say that it held up well on its first trial run.


Katie sewed this adorable burlap tote, which you could make with coffee bags, free for the taking at Swing’s.


Turning scarves or upcycled sheets into a furoshiki tote is another nice option, especially if you find yourself at the market unprepared. For this reason, once you learn a few furoshiki knots, perhaps it’s good idea to keep a big swatch of cloth on you at all times.


Do you have a market tote that you like to bring to your outdoor market?

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