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Posted by on May 16, 2013 | 2 comments

Monique’s Woodsy Backyard Retreat

Monique’s Woodsy Backyard Retreat

Monique’s backyard is tucked away behind her Del Ray rowhouse, a woodsy retreat, with a gate boasting a welcoming wrought-iron sunflower. And if you need to announce your arrival, you can pull the chain on the bell adjacent to the door.


Once inside, you feel you’ve left the city and entered a serene and artistic oasis, decorated tastefully with a collection of bells, wind chimes, and statues.



Just inside the gate, a lilac bush gives off a deliciously floral scent.


Here is another dignified sculpture that I’m sure is even more arresting against a backdrop of vines in full bloom. (Our visit occurred early in the spring season.)


In the far right corner, Monique has created a pleasant seating area.  The meandering borders and the bench on an angle tricks you into thinking the garden may be larger than it is.


A whimsical mobile hung high helps to break up the view between Monique’s back fence and the apartment building just behind her.


One of the most unexpected and lovely features in Monique’s yard is her pergola covered with mature wisteria vines.


Here is the wisteria bud, one of many that adorn the pergola throughout the summer months.


Right about now, Monique’s peonies should be blooming as well. She has a big peony bush at the foot of the steps to her back deck.


I’m in love with her shed. It’s so beautifully enveloped in the maple branches and dappled with shade, you’d easily forget, once again, that you’re mere blocks away from Del Ray’s main street.


The front of the shed repeats the sunflower motif.


And Monique keeps a water barrel on one side to fill with run-off from the shed’s angled roof.


A stone turtle in mid-step on the deck looks almost real.


And the red pepper door handle is a perfect touch for the screen door that leads to Monique’s kitchen from the deck. She’s offered to show us her entire home soon. And when we do, I’ll return to the garden to show the wisteria and other vines and flowers in full summer bloom as well.



  1. So many good ideas on a tiny backyard woodland in the city!!! I love it….and will likely be going out to find me an adorable doorknob.

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