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Posted by on May 3, 2013 | 0 comments

Playing the Celebrity Party Game

Playing the Celebrity Party Game

Maybe you’ve heard about the party game called Celebrity. (It’s for grown-ups. I think I should add that point since we most often write about kids’ parties.) I’ve now played it at gatherings a couple of times and it really is a blast. Next time you’re hanging out with your family or a group of friends, it’s a perfect time to bust out the game. You don’t need any special equipment — just your brains, a timer, some slips of paper and pens, a bowl, a scorekeeper, and a willingness to act silly.


I first experienced the game on New Year’s Eve with friends and then we played last weekend with family and neighbors outside after a BBQ picnic.


I like that it’s a game you can play anywhere. Here’s how it works:

You divide up into two teams. Either way, everyone writes the names of about eight celebrities on slips of paper and puts them in a bowl. The celebrities can be dead or alive, real or fictional. People like: Muhammad Ali, Ronald Reagan, Amelia Earhart, Lone Ranger, Dolly Parton, you get the idea. (Best not to make the names too obscure; make sure at least one person playing knows the name.)


Then, the first round begins. Taking turns in clockwise fashion, a person stands up and has one minute to get their teammates to guess as many names as possible.


After each correct guess, keep the slips in a pile so you can remember how many you got. You can’t skip names, so if you don’t know who it is and you run out of time, put the name back in the bowl for someone else to try.


As you can see, children can take part as supporting players.


Then it’s the next team’s turn. Keep switching off (in one-minute turns) until all the slips are used up. Designate someone to be scorekeeper (this person can also be on one of the teams) to keep track of how many correct guesses each team has at the end of the round.  Once each team’s slips are counted and noted, put them back in the bowl for round two.

The second round is the same routine as for the first round, but this time each person can only say one word about the celebrity.


Their teammates have to guess the name without any other hints, no gestures, or anything. You can’t skip a name either. If the team is stuck, well, that’s too bad. You’ll get a low score on that round!


Third round. Same routine, but this time, you describe the celebrity using charades. No words at all, just gestures. And this is when the game goes into high gear because even the most reserved people let loose.


You get hip shimmies (Elvis), duck walks (Charlie Chaplin), and mock singing (James Brown).


There is much suspense as the timer counts down and hearty back slaps for the best rounds.


Have you played any fun party games lately?

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