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Posted by on May 1, 2013 | 1 comment

Making Every Inch Count in a Small Kitchen

Making Every Inch Count in a Small Kitchen

When your small galley-style kitchen only has one drawer and you cook and entertain a lot, you learn how to make every inch count. These Del Ray homeowners have lived in their rowhouse house for 12 years. Their decision to keep to the original layout has made them experts in small-space solutions.


This is a serious working kitchen. They like having everything within reach and visible.


I stopped by to see some of the owners’ musts in the realm of kitchen organization.

The Magnetic Knife Rack

This is the first item they pointed out. Can’t get much better than a vertical and flat storage solution, and a safe and easy way to grab the perfect cutting implement when you need it.


The Metal Wall-Mounted Rack

They saw this setup in Europe and immediately thought they’d replicate it back home. And they love it.




The rack repeats on the opposite side of the door, where I see a container of utensils at a child’s height that I’m sure comes in handy for their little helpers.


This system sure is clever and, with simple hooks, offers seemingly endless space for assorted gadgetry.


The All-Clad Pot with Fitted Lid

This set of cookware allows you to hook the lid onto the handle that still lets you hang the pot more or less flat on a wall rack.


The Elfa Door Rack

This shelving system from the Container Store puts your door to work in a small kitchen. You can mix and match different basket widths and arrange them at varying heights.


The Corner Cabinet

It’s an exact fit in this spot.


And they sure have a knack for finding practical kitchen gear like these attractive nested bowls.


Do you have any secrets for storing kitchen gadgets and cookware in a small kitchen?

1 Comment

  1. GREAT ARTICLE! Love the detailed photos of the racks on the wall, and I totally agree with the magnetic knife rack…

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