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Posted by on Apr 19, 2013 | 46 comments

Giveaway: Win a Compact Kitchen Composting System

Giveaway: Win a Compact Kitchen Composting System

In the spirit of Earth Day, we are thrilled to announce a giveaway on DIY Del Ray, a compact kitchen composting system from azure b llc.

azure b llc is a small family-owned, permaculture farm and apiary in Marbury, Maryland. The owners, Heidi and Stefano Briguglio, invented and produce the composting system themselves.

Last month, I wrote about how I use the system in my own home to turn kitchen scraps into nutrient rich soil for the plants in my patio garden.


The composter works through the power of the red wigglers (worms or squirm) feasting on kitchen scraps (vegetables, fruit, even tea bags and spent coffee grinds). Despite popular misconceptions, it’s completely odor free and won’t attract insects.


The kit includes one tea chamber with a leak-proof spigot to allow excess moisture to drain out, two interchangeable feeding chambers, drainage rocks, starter bedding material and instructions with your unique adoption number that is used for squirm fulfillment (included), as well as access to customer support from Heidi.


As they say, “you already recycle…take the next step!”

  • PRIZE: One (1) compact composting system from azure b llc worth $99.
  • DEADLINE: Wednesday, April 24 at 11:59 pm EST.
  • WINNER: One lucky winner will be chosen by and notified on Thursday, April 25 by email. We’ll also announce the winner on this blog post and our social sites — make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for additional notice. Winner will have 48 hours to respond or else we will select another name.
  • PRIZE REDEEMABLE: We will put you in touch with Heidi to redeem your prize — she will ship to you.
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post and tell us one thing you do to protect the planet.  (One comment entry per person please.)
  • WHO’S ELIGIBLE: This giveaway is open to anyone who lives in the contiguous United States.

See our complete terms and conditions page for more details.

And please note, if you don’t win, you can still use coupon code DIYDELRAY on the azure b llc website to get $10 off your purchase of a compact composter.

For more from azure b, connect with them on Facebook and Twitter. Visit their website to subscribe to their newsletter and learn more about eco-living, local events and special offers.


  1. Maybe I’m missing it, but I can’t figure out how to enter. Thanks for your help and for the giveaway.

    • Laura — Just comment and share what you do to protect the earth.

  2. I’d love to win this! It is the next step in recycling, which we already do. Plus I’d love to have fresh compost for gardening.

  3. We recycle, use cloth bags, take public transportation as much as possible – realy want the earth to be in great shape for my grandkids!

  4. Would love to use this to supplement & supercharge outdoor composters

  5. I would make great use of the composting system. We don’t use chemicals in our yard, use an electric mower (currently it’s buried in the basement), don’t buy many packaged products—make food from scratch.

  6. This looks like a great composting system. We compost already and have a lovely blue urn on the kitchen counter and a bin outside, but we never seem to get good soil from our efforts. Would love to try this! Thank you — and thank you for DIY Del Ray. I love reading about your projects.

  7. I support and am a member of local CSAs, farmers markets, and other local especially organic producers of vegatables, fruits, eggs, etc. Keeping it close to home reduces carbon footprint and puts you money back into your community economy instead of corporate pockets!!

  8. What a great product. We have cut back on paper products, recycle and have a compost pile, but I love the idea of this smaller product.

  9. We started composting in earnest about a year ago. I would love to have worms help me break down all the scraps from the kitchen.

    I’ve gone to soaker hoses throughout my garden to save water, and I have one rain barrel set up so far.

    We are also the house on the street with the “ugly” lawn. We haven’t put a single chemical or any fertilizer on our grass in over 10 years to help save the Bay and our birds and pollinators (plus I don’t want chemicals on our bare feet or on our dogs’ paws). This means our lawn has changed from being all grass to a blend of grass, clover, violets, and creeping charlie. I hand dig the dandelions and plantains out but let everything else grow. It’s a bit patchy but it is lush and green and needs much less watering than traditional grass. My next goal is to start adding more beds of flowers and veggies to eliminate more lawn.

    Oh- and we have a rechargeable (no cord!) electric lawnmower that rocks!

  10. I would to have one these! Will consider purchasing one if I don’t win the giveaway.

  11. I protect the planet by growing my own vegetable garden, try to buy mainly organic foods, composting (trying, but having trouble), recycle – use, reuse and fix things until they are unusable!

    I also run a child care center, where we teach the children about the environment. Our teachers grow a vegetable garden with the children every year…passing on on self-sustaining information!

  12. I have been wanting to try composting since moving into the neighborhood last summer. To help protect the planet, our family only has one car.

  13. We recently started (a few years, but still recent in my view) composting & will be moving to our HOME this summer with even more possibilities to compost & recycle. This would be a life save for in-house use that I have yet to find to do an overall good use. Thank you for the chance to win :O)

  14. I’ve converted a large part of my flower garden into an organic vegetable and fruit garden to grow as much of my own food as possible. I don’t use any chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. Instead, I compost as much of my kitchen scraps as much as possible and use leaf-mulch and rabbit poop to enrich the soil. The result: I am healthier, and my garden attracts bees, butterflies, birds, frogs, and fat happy worms.

  15. We just started composting in the back yard using a covered trash can in which we drilled holes for ventilation. The trash can is much cheaper than a commercial composter and there are tutorials online for how to convert it for composting. Between that and recycling, it’s been great to watch the amount of trash we produce each week getting much smaller. Less in the landfills, yay! Would love to try vermicomposting.

  16. What a great product! I recycle everything I can and would love to start recycling my scraps too.

  17. Recycle, reuse. Lights off. Push reel mowing. Walk, not drive as much as possible.

  18. I work for an environmental protection organization.

  19. I would love to compost and have a pretty small kitchen. This would be perfect! To conserve, I buy 80% or more of my clothes at thrift stores, use a push reel mower, turn off power strips when not using something, ride my bike when possible and reuse glass jars for leftovers in place of plastic containers.

  20. I help save the earth by recycling and using re-usable bags. I would love to start vermicomposting!

  21. We recycle, use chemical-free cleaning products, re-usable bags, are members of a CSA, and drive a Prius 😉

  22. Thanks for bringing us this awesome competition DIY Del Ray! My family made the choice to stay in Del Ray as our family started to grown to avoid commuting and using endless amounts of fuel!

  23. Hooray for a contest! We cloth diaper, shop mainly at yardsales and on craigslist, reuse grocery bags, use rags instead of tissues and papertowels, and try to shop for all our veggies and eggs at the local farmers’ market. Love the compost post! :)

  24. I ride my bike to work, and try to for doing errands around town.

  25. I compost (not very successfully), recycle, use a rain barrel and try to grow some of my own veggies.

  26. I do a “lazy” version of composting where I throw my scraps in an old recycling bin and turn them occasionally. We don’t put any chemicals in our yard, every summer I try to have a small vegetable/herb garden, we buy locally, use cloth diapers and chlorine-free disposables, and make our own household cleaners.

  27. I compost at home, but also at work. I collect my coworkers’ coffee grinds, tea bags and apple cores (all small amounts of things) and take them home each week to add to my compost. Compost is black gold- I love it!

  28. We’ve switched to a push reel mower to reduce our impact on the environment (and it’s not a bad workout either!)

  29. What a great product! I keep bees that help pollinate our planet. Thanks Heidi & Stefano!

  30. Our garden is chemical free and we endure the nuisance of mosquitos rather than take alternative actions that might harm non-target beneficial insects and pollinators.

  31. We recycle and carpool.

  32. Well this is awesome. We already grow a completely organic garden. We recycle more each week & compost more then we send to a landfill. We raise chickens and ducks for our own meat and eggs. Less dependence on the transportation system for our food is our biggest goal to help the planet.

  33. I would love this! My family juices a lot and eats tons of organic fruits and veggies and would love a more efficient way of breaking down our food waste rather than our giant composter that is just to big for our family

  34. awesome! I am a gardener in inner city baltimore, and could really use this next to the greenhouse to teach the kids at the school about compost tea!

  35. Yay! I’m a kayak guide and I pick up plastic and other non biodegradable trash on every tour! I currently have a huge mature compost but am moving in a couple months to complete my Wildlife Conservation degree and I’d love to continue composting in my new town! Thanks!

  36. We use cloth diapers, mama cloth, breast feed, recycle and ecologically maintain our property to encourage wildlife and bees.

  37. We recycle and freecycle, trying to reuse wherever possible. I also make my own household cleaners and only use natural products for our personal care as well.

  38. I cloth diaper & breastfeed :-) We also recycle pretty much everything and use a tumbler compost bin outside.

  39. We’ve converted our lawn to organic through the good folks at NuLeaf Lawn Care and buy our decorative plants from the biannual Parkfarifax Native Plant Sale.

  40. Cool product! We recycle as much as we can and I’m attempting to grow my own herbs this year.

  41. Teaching my grandchildren to recycle
    and help me dig snd turn the earth in my organic vegetable garden
    We also grown veggies throughout
    the winter and they have helped pick and cooked.

  42. We try to minimize the damage we do by recycling, using re-usable water bottles, shopping bags and chemical-free products. We also try to mitigate others’ damage by collecting plastic, wrappers and trash when we go out for walks. Gardening and composting are our next step!

  43. We recycle and compost

  44. I recycle to protect the planet.

  45. Congrats to Angela whose name was randomly selected! We will contact you by email to coordinate. Thanks to everyone for sharing all the ways you protect the environment!