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Posted by on Apr 3, 2013 | 1 comment

For the Love of Lemons

For the Love of Lemons

The lovely lemon, a symbol of spring, a kitchen staple with seemingly endless culinary uses. It’s always good to have lemons around, and whether you use the juice or the zest, they have the power to instantly transform a drink, sauce, entree or dessert.


Let’s start with drinks. We’ve talked about a few here, my favorite so far is the bourbon sidecar — just bourbon, triple sec and lemon. It’s great having a neighbor (Leslie’s husband Matt, that is) who enjoys the art of mixology, but this is so simple you can make them without your personal bartender around.


A splash of lemon makes sauces taste even better. Pesto would be dull without the zip of lemons and the acid preserves that bright green color.



Greek yogurt becomes a fresh condiment for fish with a hint of lemon and garlic.

moroccan spiced salmon, rice, sauteed spinach

You can also transform salt into a whole new seasoning with lemon zest and fennel seed. Just a pinch is all you need on roasted chicken for an easy weeknight meal.

del ray food swap, winter 2013


Lemon and thyme go hand in hand, a refreshing addition to homemade cheese for a tasty Spring appetizer.


And with melted butter, lemon is the perfect dipping sauce for low country boil.

low country boil

You can even grill whole fish with lemon slices tucked inside, or just cook the lemons right on the grill for a whole new dimension of citrus.


Lemon desserts like these tried and true treats, lemon cranberry biscotti and lemon ricotta cookies, are delicious any time of year.

biscotti out of the oven

lemon ricotta cookies

Do you have any favorite uses for lemon? What other seasonal ingredients are you using?

1 Comment

  1. Love sauteed chicken breasts with shallots, lemon slices and capers over spinach!

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