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Posted by on Mar 27, 2013 | 2 comments

Spring Jobs Around the Home

Spring Jobs Around the Home


Last year, my gardening guru and neighbor Eileen told me the bright yellow forsythia blooms are a cue to get started on some Spring jobs around the garden. Now that I’ve seen a few blossoms, I’m itching to do something with my pathetic neglected garden. But I also started thinking of some other jobs around the home.

1. Give Your Home a Check-up

Before the heat and humidity arrive, you might be calling for a tune-up for your air conditioner, so why not have your plumber give your hot water heater a little look-see as well. Don’t be like me and let it fester there for years on the brink of disaster.

corroded water heater

If you’re concerned about home security, you can call the Alexandria Police Department for a free home assessment. They’ll help you determine the need for any improvements/upgrades to your home.


2. Love the Earth

There are lots of easy eco-friendly jobs you can do around the house. Last summer I made reusable sandwich/snack bags for lunches. So far they have worked out great — no more plastic bags! —  and now I want to make more to give as gifts and to use as bulk shopping bags.


I loved Leslie’s post about kitchen composting with worms and hope to put my own gang of red wigglers to work.


Leslie also registered her backyard as a Certified Wildlife Habitat, a fun learning experience for her kids.


3. Declutter and Clean

If you hate having “stuff” around you house as much as we do, now’s the perfect time to clear out. And it’s so easy too. You can donate household items and furniture to our local school’s Big Flea (they will even come to your house and pick it up — how’s that for service!).



And you can recycle hazardous and non landfill-friendly items during Alexandria’s bulk trash cleanup day (April 6 and 13 in Del Ray). Again, drop it right on your curb and enjoy the glory of recycling from the comfort of your own home.


Once all the junk is gone, reorganize closets with what you want to keep and make some all-natural room scents to cleanse and purify the air — ah, the chi will thank you…

linen closet - after


4. Lighten Up

I definitely can’t wait to open the windows and welcome the cool breeze and sunshine. It’s a great time to swap out the dark heavy fabrics and colors with fresh lighter options and add flowers, plants and seasonal accessories.


marimekko table runner


Polder sofa, Indian Charpoy table


5. Tune Up Bikes

And finally, with warm weather on the way, bike riding season can finally kick into high gear. Sadly, my bike suffered a flat last Fall and was put out of commission, so I’ll be stopping by Velocity Coop for a Spring tune-up.  Don’t have a bike? They have some for sale too!


We love taking the kids down to Dyke Marsh by Belle Haven Marina and letting them ride on the trails. Spring is an ideal time to visit and watch nature come alive after a cold Winter.


tree stump


What Spring jobs and activities have you started or plan to start at your home? Any major decluttering projects on the horizon? Big decorating dreams?


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