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Posted by on Mar 1, 2013 | 0 comments

Make Your Own All-Natural Room Scents

Make Your Own All-Natural Room Scents

The air in our homes can get a bit stale when we keep the windows closed throughout the winter months, but with just a few natural ingredients, like lemons, oranges, rosemary, and cedar, you can quickly infuse your home with a fresh revitalizing scent.


I mixed a few different varieties of ingredients together by following these recommendations, but you can also use your own instincts based on what you have growing in your yard or what seems appealing in the grocery store. You can heat them up with water on the stove and then let the steam fill up your rooms. Or, you can make them ahead like I did to store in the frig. During that time, you can then heat them again and again until the aroma fades. 

The scents make a nice hostess gift, or in our case, room prizes at our winter food swap.


Here’s how I made three different kinds with help from my daughter Nadja.

  • Cinnamon, cloves, and orange
  • Rosemary, lemon, and vanilla
  • Cedar, bay leaf, and nutmeg

First, we gathered all of the glass jars we could find in the house, making sure to remove any labels. There’s no reason to buy special jars for this!


I cut some lemons and oranges, and assembled the other ingredients like the vanilla, bay leaf, and nutmeg.



Nadja picked some rosemary from our back patio.


And we found some cedar bark and branches in the neighborhood – on the ground next to the tree, so as not to presume we could pick from someone else’s tree.


For the lemon, rosemary, and vanilla scent, Nadja layered as many lemon slices as she could fit in the bottom of the jar and then slid in individual sprigs of rosemary before I added about a teaspoon of vanilla.


To the cedar, bay leaf, and nutmeg mixture, I happened to have some cedar essential oil, so I let Nadja add a few drops.


When we were all done making the scents, I typed out some labels listing the ingredients and the instructions for using the room scents.


I cut out the labels, and strung them around the jars to give to the lucky winners.


In addition to making your home smell inviting, we recently discovered ways to use natural ingredients to help remove odors in the home like mold or pet smell.

Let us know if you discover a nice combination of ingredients to use for a room scent from your kitchen or garden!

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