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Posted by on Feb 8, 2013 | 86 comments

We Heart Yarn: Win $50 from fibre space

We Heart Yarn: Win $50 from fibre space

We’re so excited to announce our first giveaway on DIY Del Ray — a $50 gift certificate for fibre spaceTM in Old Town Alexandria, VA.

fibre spaceTM owned by Danielle Romanetti (whose home we featured a while back), specializes in unique yarns and fibres from hand-dyed, independent, local and U.S.-made sources for knitting, crochet and spinning. In addition to yarn, they offer a wide selection of classes, designer workshops, yarn “tastings,” movie nights and more.

fibre space, old town

  • PRIZE: One (1) $50 gift certificate to fibre spaceTM in Old Town Alexandria, VA.
  • DEADLINE: Wednesday, February 13 at 11:59 pm EST.
  • WINNER: One lucky winner will be chosen by and notified on Thursday, February 14 by email. We’ll also announce the winner on this blog post and our social sites — make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for additional notice. Winner will have 48 hours to respond or else another name will be selected.
  • PRIZE REDEEMABLE: The gift certificate can be used in store and in person only.
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post with the words “I Heart Yarn” and tell us how you’d like to use the money if you are selected. (One comment entry per person please.)
  • WHO’S ELIGIBLE: This giveaway is open to anyone who will be able to use the certificate in store in Alexandria, VA.

Please see our complete terms and conditions page for more details.

For more yarn love, make sure to follow fibre spaceTM on Facebook, Twitter and their website.


  1. I heart yarn. I would use the yarn to make my husband a sweater he’s been asking for.

  2. I heart yarn. I would use the yarn to get a starter kit and some beginners tools. “learn to knit” is on the New Years resolutions list. :)

  3. I <3 Yarn! Socks :)

  4. I heart yarn! I would use the yarn to learn how to knit something besides scarves, maybe even use a pattern!

  5. I heart yarn and I particularly heart fibre space’s yarn! I would use the winnings to make a dent in my Ravelry queue, which is getting long! Next up is Stephen West’s Kex hat. I also like to knit while listening to audiobooks, the only kind of multitasking I can handle.

  6. I heart yarn and I would use it to make my two newest nieces dresses. :)

  7. I heart yarn and I heart fibre space! My plans for the yarn are making thank you gifts (cool cowls?, funky hats?, wrist warmers?) for my great friends. I will also invest in some additional needles!

  8. I heart yarn, especially fibre space’s offerings–and especially-especially Miss Babs. I’d use the gc toward buying enough Yowza for a large wrap to wear in my very cold office.

  9. I Heart Yarn! I would use the money to help buy yarn for a sweater.

  10. I heart yarn. I would use the yarn to knit some snuggly winter things and get a head start on summer knitting,

  11. I heart yarn. I would use the money to buy more yarn despite the niggling suspicious I should really make my way through my stash instead. In particular I would want to pick up some Cephalopod yarn.

  12. I Heart Yarn! I would use the yarn to make a blanket or softies!

  13. I heart yarn! I would use it to make a blanket for the baby my little sister currently has in her belly!

  14. I heart yarn, and would use the $50 to either buy some yarn for a sweater (I *need* to finish one) or to make something for my adorbs niece and nephew.

  15. I heart yarn! I also heart fibre space and frequent the store, well, um, more than frequently! :) I think I would purchase some additional needles for my collection, as well as some fingering weight yarn.

  16. I heart yarn…especially yarn from Fibre space!! I have a list of things on which to spend it

  17. I Heart Yarn! I would browse the store and buy the yarn that calls my name.

  18. I heart yarn so much!!I would use the gift certificate to buy the yarn for family presents…

  19. I heart yarn! I would use it to make a February Baby Sweater for my daughter, due in May.

  20. I Heart Yarn! I have three friends who recently announced pregnancies — I would use this money to make them each a handmade baby gift (still deciding on exactly what — definitely booties because they’re so adorable, but perhaps also a hat or sweet sweater).

  21. I heart yarn! And Fibre Space is the best yarn shop a girl could ask for! I would use the gift certificate to finally buy a gorgeous skein of Neighborhood Fiber Co. Penthouse Lace and make an Oceanspray (Knitty Winter 2011).

  22. I Heart Yarn! A lightweight scarf and fingerless gloves for gray days in my office! (Yay Fibre Space!!)

  23. I heart yarn :) I would use the gift certificate to purchase yarn for an infinity scarf I have wanting to make my mom!

  24. I Heart Yarn!
    I would use it for a splurgy lace project for me- since it takes forever for me to finish anything, I may as well enjoy every stitch.

  25. I HEART YARN!!! Wow, if I had $50 to play with at Fibre Space, I would probably go in with a large, empty bag and where comfortable shoes because I would be there a long time trying to pick out various yarn. I’ve got a side business that takes most of my stitching attention, but have been dying to make a sweater just for myself. Any leftover yarn would go towards charity projects.

  26. I heart yarn and Fibre Space! I live a few hours away where there is no local yarn shop so I visit Fibre Space whenever I am in Alexandria on business. I would use the certificate to get exquisite yarn for baby gifts, It’s seems breeding season is upon us!

  27. I Heart Yarn. I’d use the money to add to my collection and knit some new socks!

  28. I heart yarn! I’ve been eyeing up a skein of yellow yarn to make myself a hat for once :)

  29. I heart yarn and Fibre Space is the best place to get it! I would use it to replace my husband’s Aran sweater that was destroyed by a kitty with a sick tummy.

  30. I heart yarn! I’d use the money to buy yarn for a sweater, since I’m presently on a sweater kick!

  31. I heart yarn! I just started crocheting again after years, and need a starter stash, could have fun with $50!

  32. I heart yarn! I’d get some Neighborhood Fibre Company yarn in the sunny gold Del Ray colorway to match my new neighborhood.

  33. I heart yarn! My sister says I like the yarn better than the knitting. She may be right. My favorite part of knitting is selecting the yarn. I can spend hours fondling the skeins and imagining what I’ll make out of it. Do I go with the fast chunky alpaca or the ethereal fingering angora?

  34. I heart yarn! I’d be checking out the new yarn deliveries!

  35. I Heart Yarn! I would use the gift certificate to buy more yarn. Specifically Miss Babs or Dragonfly Squishy Lace (Featherweight Cardigan?) or Fiberist Trunk Show.

  36. I Heart Yarn. I was a frequent visitor to Fibre Space before we deployed to Belgium. I would stock up on yummy yarns for scarves, hats, and mittens for baby, hubby and I for these cold winters!

  37. I heart yarn. I would use it to get yarn to make my first sweater. If it turned out well, it would be for my husband who has waited patiently for years for a sweater.

  38. I Heart Yarn! I’ve been meaning to check out Fibre Space. This would be the perfect excuse to find a new project, a lacey, swingy sweater perhaps and crochet it with some nice natural yarn. Or I would buy some yarn for my friend who just learned to crochet!

  39. I Heart Yarn!!! I love fibre space and I cannot think of a lovlier way to spend $50 than supporting our local shop. I am looking to purchase yarn to make a Brooklyn Tweed Blanket pattern as a baby gift for Elizabeth who works at Anne Welsh. Thanks.

  40. I Heart Yarn! I know exactly what this yarn would be for… my wonderful, amazingly knit-worthy, and newly pregnant friend’s October 2013 baby! Yes, I know it is pretty far in advance, but the project I have in mind includes lots of gorgeous (and time consuming) cables!

  41. I Heart Yarn. I mean, I SUPER HEART yarn. doesn’t matter for what…

  42. I Heart Yarn! I would use the yarn to get some materials for crocheting jewelry–I really want to learn how to make something really special!

  43. I heart yarn. I also heart fibre space. I’d most likely use the $50 to buy one skein of luscious Neighborhood Fiber Co. Penthouse Silk Fingering for a fabulous shawl.

  44. I heart yarn!!!! And Fibre Space is the most awesome place to satisfy my yarn addiction! I would buy something very extravagant!

  45. I Heart yarn!!! i would buy habu textiles or 100% cashmire for a shawl.

  46. I Heart Yarn! I’d use the money for the yarn to knit a lovely blanket for a very special baby.

  47. I Heart Yarn! I would use it to buy more fiber to practice hand spinning. I’m currently taking a class at fibre space and loving it!

  48. I Heart Yarn! I would buy yarn to attempt my first shawl.

  49. I Heart Yarn! And Fibre Space! I have so many friends having babies this spring so a gift certificate would be helpful for all those baby gowns, hats, booties, and cardigans! Thanks!

  50. I Heart Yarn. I think I need a new sweater.

  51. I Heart Yarn

    I would use it to buy some Brooklyn Tweed Shelter to make a Girasole blanket for my grandma! It’s gonna take more than $50 but this would help! :-)

  52. I Heart Yarn!
    I would use it to buy some interestingly awesome yarn to give my mother-in-law so she can crochet me something 😉 She’s always making stuff for me, but only uses cheap yarn from the big box stores!

  53. I heart yarn. I would buy more yarn to continue my charity knitting that I am doing for a women’s shelter…The women deserve something special.

  54. I heart yarn! I would use the yarn to put a dent in my Pinterest crochet and knit boards. There is so much awesome stuff out there.

  55. I Heart Yarn! And fibre space! My aunt Pam in Alaska is in a bit of a yarn rut though. She has been using the same brand of yarn forever to make all the gloves she makes so I would use the money to get a variety of worsted weight yarns for aunt Pam to see if I could get her interested in exploring some of the wonderful world of yarns that has been developing in the lower 48. Maybe she will make me some gloves in Neighborhood Fiber Company Worsted (one of my favorites!).

  56. I Heart Yarn.

    I would use the yarn to repair my husbands favorite knit upholstered chair from the 1970’s.

  57. I heart yarn. A colleague at eork is expecting. I’d live to make a hat for the baby and fibre space has such yummy, soft yarn selections!

  58. I Heart Yarn. I would use the gift card for yarn to make baby and little girl knits for my little ones and maybe some roving for felting projects. Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. I Heart Yarn! Thigh-high socks… need I say more?

  60. Boy, do I heart yarn! I would buy a project bag and some yarn to make a gift for DIY Del Ray. I’m thinking a felted sign with your logo…

  61. NOT giving up my needles and yarn for Lent that’s for sure! 😀

  62. I heart yarn. There’s a great metallic yarn that would make a deco wrap that I have me eye on!

  63. I heart yarn. I would use it to make a lace shawl.

  64. i heart yarn. I would use this gift certificate to take an advanced lace class!

  65. I heart yarn! I would use the gift certificate for yarn and patterns for a springtime wrap.

  66. i heart yarn. i would spoil myself with some yarn that i normally couldn’t afford. :)

  67. I heart yarn! I would use the gift card to visit my first honest-to-goodness yarn shop for yarn to make tiny blankets and caps for baby angels and their bereaved parents.

  68. I heart year. I would buy squash blossom in ALL THE YARNS!

  69. I heart yarn! My best friend is due to have a baby boy soon and I would use the gift certificate for yarn that is warm and soft to knit him something extra special to welcome him into this wonderful world.

  70. I heart yarn too. (Oi. Autocorrect.) I would still buy squash blossom in ALL THE YARNS!!

  71. I heart yarn! I would use to buy some really nice yarn to make a great cardigan… or a shawl, or a benie, or a purse, or a scarf or a…. hahahaha. So may things to do with. Xoxo.

  72. I Heart Yarn to make warm snuggly things for my friends and family!

  73. I heart yarn! I would use the money to buy a wonderful bag to keep projects in.

  74. I heart yarn! I am working on a small line of handknits and I’d love to see what fibre space offers towards this! Thank you for this opportunity!

  75. I heart yarn! I would use the money to buy some yarn to make something for my husband, who after years of supporting my “habit” has yet to receive anything!

  76. I heart yarn! I would use it make a hat and baby leg warmers for my nephew

  77. I heart yarn. And I really love Fibre Space. I would use it for a sweater…or a blanket…or just an excuse to buy more yarn.

  78. “I Heart Yarn” Since I just ordered some interchangeable knitting needles and like 4 of EZ’s books that I’m anxiously awaiting delivery I think I need some yarn to get-to on!

  79. I heart yarn! <3
    I need a couple pairs of needles to get started on a couple sweaters for my daughters. :)

  80. I heart yarn! I would use it to feed my growing obsession with Malabrigo sock yarn!

  81. I heart yarn! I would completely use the winnings on more Brooklyn Tweed Shelter. I’m in love with a boy named yarn.

  82. I heart yarn! I’d use the prize to…. duh…. buy yarn :>) Love Fibre Space and would decide what to make in their inspired shop!!

  83. I heart yarn! I’d love to spoil myself with some of the yarns that aren’t available closer to home.

  84. I heart yarn, and I shop at fibrespace at least twice a month! I would put $50 toward a new ballwinder to turn the gorgeous skeins I always buy there into yarn cakes I can knit from.

  85. I heart yarn! I would use the money to buy baby friendly yarn to make a baby blanket for my friend Deb. Her due date is March 17th, so that’d give me about a month to finish!

  86. And the winner of the $50 gift certificate to fibre space in Old Town Alexandria is Pam Spell! Congratulations Pam — please contact us at in the next 48 hours to redeem your prize. If we don’t hear from you, another name will be selected. Thanks to everyone who participated. We wish we had $50 to give you all — your projects sound amazing!