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Posted by on Jan 4, 2013 | 0 comments

Seven Small-Space Storage Solutions

Seven Small-Space Storage Solutions

Those of us who live in small homes know we have to be creative about storage and organizing. This is a theme which seems to play out in so many of our posts — every nook and crannie has to fill a purpose, furniture needs to serve double duty and clutter must be kept to a minimum. How do you do this? Here’s a few of our favorite ideas from around the neighborhood.

Under-bed drawers are a definite must in small-space bedrooms — extra bonus, no dust bunnies under the bed to clean!

mod podge ikea ODDA hack

If you’re lucky enough to have a window in your kitchen over your sink (sigh, some day I will have a kitchen like this), put it to work with a reinforced rod to hold pots.

Leslie and I both took advantage of underused closets (such havens for clutter) and gave our oldest children a private office and sanctuary from their doting younger siblings.

21  ana-closet

When there’s no room in your kitchen to store commonly used dried goods, turn clear glass containers and mason jars into decorative pieces on a shelf or in an open cabinet. No need to go hunting through a pantry to see if you need more pasta — it’s always there in plain view.



And little jars can also be used to sort and classify tiny items (note: it’s a scientifically proven fact kids like sorting small objects).


Sometimes closets aren’t the problem, it’s the door getting into them. Widening your doorways is a hearty task, but Mary shows you how it’s done.


If you look closely enough, I’m sure that even in the smallest of homes you’ll find unused space. We love how the awkward area under the stairs can be transformed into functional storage. All in a day’s work.

after zach's wall

The stairwell wall is perfect for posting important papers and sorting mail and school work. Clutter-phobes rejoice!


A bookcase can be wedged into the side of the staircase.


And that small crevice under the eaves can become a magical hideaway for children.

play nook

For more ideas, check out our small-space solutions page. What ideas have you come up with? We’d love to hear about them for a future post. Send us an email to diydelray[at] or share in the comments below.

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