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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 | 0 comments

Three Handmade Ornaments to Give or Keep

Three Handmade Ornaments to Give or Keep

When I heard the call for handmade ornament donations from the Del Ray Artisans for their Fine Art & Craft Holiday Market, my creative wheels started spinning. I’ve contributed a few of my creations to the sale, and in the process, came up with some projects that the kids could do too. In fact, these projects are suited to a range of skill levels: easy requiring very little crafting know-how to slightly more involved projects requiring simple crochet, hand sewing, knitting, and embroidery work.

Yarn Basket with Tiny Knitting Needles


Using scrap yarn, I followed this free Ravelry pattern. I didn’t bother with a gauge and used whatever worsted weight scrap yarn seemed appealing. After doing the first one, I improvised a bit on the length and height of the baskets until it looked right to me.


With more scrap yarn, some fingering weight (thinner), I rolled tiny balls and glued the ends down with craft glue. The girls helped me glue tiny beads to the ends of toothpicks. I broke the toothpicks in half so they’d fit in the baskets nicely. They’re delicate but precious and will hopefully sell well at the Holiday Market.


Simple Embroidery Hoops


We have tons of embroidery floss from Ana’s many friendship bracelet kits, so I thought this project would make a nice addition to the Del Ray Artisans holiday sale. I bought several of the smallest embroidery hoops I could find and thought we could use some of the felt we already had from the advent calendar project.


It’s hard to draw a design on felt, I discovered, so I did the lettering free-hand using simple running stitches. As a result, my circles are a bit askew. I guess I’ll keep this one for our tree! I think it might be easier to use colored backing instead of felt so you can trace a design on it first.


Nonetheless, I tried my hand at making Rudolph with red ornaments in his antlers. I think this one turned out better.

DIY Kids: Woven Stars


This is an idea from one of my favorite kids crafting site, Crafty Crow. After trying out the idea, we colored the cardboard using silver spray paint. We only sprayed one side of a cereal box and then cut out the circles. After that, I scored the outside with small cuts every half inch or so.

Ana and Nadja each took different colors of embroidery floss and wound it around the circles, making star designs.


We added a little loop on the top and we now have some unique little ornaments for our tree.


If you want more ideas for holiday projects to do with kids, here are some old school crafts we did last year.

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