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Posted by on Nov 19, 2012 | 1 comment

Decked Out in Art Deco

Decked Out in Art Deco


Last week we shared some examples of the incredible Art Deco buildings in Del Ray, but Art Deco didn’t stop with architecture. I checked in with Shelley at Amalgamated Clothing and Dry Goods for some information about Art Deco’s influence on fashion.

In the 1920s, Shelley tells me, women tossed their corsets and started wearing straight, loose-fitting dresses. Signature Art Deco geometric shapes and intricate beadwork gave these unflattering garments the glamour they deserved.

First, check out the geometric shape on this dress.


The lines, angles and shapes on this jacket are Art Deco 101.




This dress is stunning at a distance.


But a close-up of the beads and geometric shapes reveals more amazing features.



And another brilliant example — though she has lost her lining, she’s still a gem.


To learn more, I flipped through the pages in my husband’s collection of 1920s yearbooks. Sure enough, there was Miss Nancy Luke sporting a dress with similar beading in her 1924 senior glamour shot.


And speaking of beads, Shelley also showed me this original Art Deco clutch with the classic chevron detail across the middle.


Next to the bag, I couldn’t help but notice these hair accessories.


Though these are replicas made by Shelley, they are definitely modeled after 1920s style, as Dorothy Issenhuth shows us in her 1928 portrait.


Spend some more time in the store and you’ll find some interesting Art Deco treasures. This men’s travel set is in pristine condition. Love the red and black stripes.


This lamp is another Deco delight — the dish would be perfect for holding loose change or earrings on top of a dresser.


Art Deco is one of those styles that really seemed to have an impact on so many aspects of life. And with its impact so proclaimed in Del Ray, it’s a vivid reminder of our history. So the next time you are walking down the Avenue, take a closer look at our marvelous architectural style, pop in to Amalgamated and check out Shelley’s collection of unique fashion, and imagine what life was like so many years ago.

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