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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 | 0 comments

Quick and Easy Piano Bench Upholstery

Quick and Easy Piano Bench Upholstery


I’ve been wanting to do something with our boring uncomfortable piano bench for a while. See how unappealing it looks — needs a cushion, right? This project was oh so simple and can be replicated with practically any bench, stool or chair.

For supplies, all you need is some fabric, foam, a sharp knife, a pen, and a staple gun. First, I removed the seat from the bench, then placed it on top of the foam (purchased at Hancock Fabrics) to figure out the size needed. I used a pen to outline the shape.



I used a sharp bread knife to cut the foam — works much better than scissors.



For the fabric, I wanted something gray and velvety but couldn’t find any at the fabric store. so I bought this faux fur for $2.50. Cheap enough that if I get sick of the fur, I can always replace with something else later.

On the floor I stacked the fur, foam and bench seat and figured out how much excess fabric I would need to secure to the seat — about 5 inches around.


I also cut out notches for the hinges that secure the seat to the bench.


After cutting the fabric, I started stapling around.



I flipped it over and then screwed the seat back onto the bench.


In all this took about 15 minutes.



With the thick foam, the piano is much easier for this young musician to crank out the tunes, just like I did when I was his age.


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