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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 | 0 comments

An Autumn and Halloween-Themed Baby Shower

An Autumn and Halloween-Themed Baby Shower

Leave it to Danielle Romanetti, owner of fibre space yarn shop, to think up the clever idea of knitting monsters for the baby shower she hosted in her home.


She piled the irresistibly cute monsters in a big bin labeled “Adopt a Baby Monster,” so every one could take one home as a party favor.


Monsters at a baby shower couldn’t be more perfect for a Halloween weekend event. What’s more, the guest of honor loves Halloween. Danielle writes on her blog about the “spooky” invitations she made by hand using glue, paper, and embossing powder and the phrase, “A ‘lil pumpkin is on its way.”

Danielle kept up the seasonal theme for all of the baby shower decor and food, even going so far as to having the live Steelers versus Redskins muted on the TV in the background. A rabid Steelers fan, she admitted that she couldn’t miss a play. To tell the truth, the game fit in perfectly with the cozy, autumnal vibe of the party.


The festive paper globes you see in the background are also hung in the kitchen. Danielle loves them because they fold and she can easily store them between events and they’re so multi-purpose she can use them for any occasion.


In the kitchen and living room, Danielle displayed two gorgeous flower arrangements. Next time I host a party, I will definitely replicate her flower displays to add a sophisticated touch to the decor. She purchased hers from a knitter she knows from fibre space who runs a florist called Petal’s Edge.



Danielle’s go-to cheese monger is La Fromagerie in Old Town. She knows they’ll do a great job each and every time and she appreciates that they provide the platter, as well as the fruit, crackers, and cheese on display.


Danielle and her co-host, Sarah Brooks, who runs her own catering company prepared the rest of the appetizers and drinks (hot cider and punch).



As a party activity, Danielle created a onesie-decorating station with a few Halloween-themed rubber stamps thrown in the mix.


What a hip baby who gets to display a few skulls and bats on her onesies in addition to the more classically sweet bunnies and birds.



Danielle bought the rubber stamps and ink from Paper Source, whose prices on the ink in particular she says are actually the lowest around.


Another original activity Danielle thought up was to have a can entitled “Baby Bucket List.” Guests were encouraged to fill out a card suggesting an activity that “baby must do” in his or her lifetime.


When throwing a party, we can all take some cues from Danielle. She put together a personal and festive celebration by drawing on seasonal inspiration and using her own creativity to come up with unique party favors and activities.

Want to see more of Danielle’s house? Check out her house tour here.

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