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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 | 1 comment

The Clothing Swap (AKA Naked Lady Party)

The Clothing Swap (AKA Naked Lady Party)

Well, we’ve had soup exchanges, handmade and hand-foraged food swaps, and now we turn our attention to gently used clothing.


This is a casual get-together with friends — affectionally known as a “naked lady party” — where everyone brings some clothes and accessories to try on and trade on the spot. Anything leftover goes to charity. Sounds pretty straightforward, but I’ve found it works best when the swap has some structure. Here’s how we organized ours:

1. Nine friends and neighbors brought an armful of clothes and accessories. We counted off to create three “teams,” while chatting, getting drinks (water for the pregnant ladies), and sampling the appetizers.



2. We then established 3 designated piles. Everyone distributed their clothes among the piles by walking around and putting a few of their items in each pile.


3. Ready, set, go. I set the timer on the microwave for 5 minutes. Each team dashed off to one of the piles. They picked through the pile and pulled out items they liked. Then, they stashed those items in a “safe” place.



4. Next, the teams went clock-wise and spent another 5 minutes each in the other two piles.


5. Phew! Everyone stopped and caught their breath. Then, we tried on the clothes we had set aside, either in private or for the least modest, right there in the middle of the action.


We commented on the fit, style, color, and so on and proclaimed our happiness when we scored something perfect.



6. Any “rejects” from each person’s pile went into a new “remainders” pile for anyone to take.

After that, we informally traded any remaining items until we were all satisfied with our take. One guest took a huge pile of leftovers to Goodwill the next day. Another guest took the suits to an organization that helps women who are reentering the workforce.

All in all, it was a super fun and successful evening!

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  1. Man! Tell me when the next one is! :)

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