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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 | 0 comments

Spooky DIY Halloween Party Appetizers and Cocktails

Spooky DIY Halloween Party Appetizers and Cocktails

In an earlier post, I wrote about some of the Halloween party decor I made with my girls in anticipation of our cocktail party. As promised, we used our best dark magic to prepare grisly appetizers and cocktails with definitely spooky edge (many nods to go the creative minds at Martha Stewart for a lot of our inspiration).


We started early in the day with prep for the hotdog mummies at our neighbor Newsha’s house. (She and Katie both contributed to the menu.)


The girls also prepped the finger nails for the witches fingers. Ana used a food coloring pen to give each almond “finger nail” a bloody red tip.


Here’s how delectable they look after baking:


To make one of the most arresting and disturbing appetizers, which we aptly named “Hannibal,” I started with a plastic face mask.


I covered the mask with plastic wrap and then layered pieces of salami and prosciutto over the face (while wearing my Andy Warhol costume) – how surreal was that.


Given olives for eyes and a ring of crackers, the face looked flayed and positively horrific (and yet oddly delicious).


Newsha also made a chocolate cake from scratch covered in spiders. Inside, she mixed in malted milk balls so the crunch would suggest bug parts.


Katie also made a hearty bean dip and artfully decorated the top with a spider web made with sour cream.


As for the beverages, I filled a surgical glove with water earlier in the day and left it in the freezer all afternoon. When it was time to serve the kids’ punch (apple, cranberry juice, and ginger ale), I peeled off the “skin” to many gasps from the children, and let the ice hand float in the punch bowl (with its one broken finger drifting away).



In addition to wine that we adorned with Halloween-themed sticker labels, we served two specially made cocktails.


You could choose from the menu of two cocktails that my daughter illustrated on her easel.


My favorite: the Eyeball Martini. It’s sake with lychee juice and lychee fruit with dried cranberries in the center.


Paying such close attention to detail really made it a special Halloween party for both kids and adults.

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