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Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 | 0 comments

DIY Inspiration from Art on the Avenue

DIY Inspiration from Art on the Avenue

Sometimes I go to Art on the Avenue to stock up on Christmas gifts (jewelry, pottery, hand-knit scarves) but other times I’m happy to just check out the interesting work, wondering if it’s something I could make myself. I can’t draw or paint, welding and pottery are pretty out of my reach too, but this year I did see a bunch of interesting projects I’d like to try around the house. Here goes.


Paper Mache: This life-size paper mache buck is amazing, his face so full of emotion. I’m feeling the plight of the deer — harsh cold weather snaps, predators around every corner, antler envy, herd politics. I’d like to make a whole slew of woodland creatures to add to our seasonal display, on a smaller-scale of course, and maybe without the drama.

papier mache

Repurposing Old Gates: The artist at this booth used an old metal gate to display earrings for sale. I envision it mounted on a wall with clothespins to hang kids’ art or as a message board. I will never look at an old gate the same. Freecycle/curb alert watch starts now.

earrings on old fence gate

Scarves: An olive green knit shawl and a black and white striped infinity scarf made my neck glad the weather is getting colder. Scarf season is upon us and a chunky thick scarf is an easy project to knock out in a weekend, plopped on the couch drinking hot apple cider and watching endless hours of football.

knit shawl

infinity scarf

Homemade Playdough: My kids were obsessed with the homemade playdough booth. We’ll add this to the list of winter projects when school is closed for the holidays. Some recipes take only 10 minutes to make with no cooking required.


Sewing: Dawn from Bellies and Babies looks stunning in one of Amalgamated Clothing and Dried Goods handmade frocks. And I kind of wish the reversible toddler dresses Dawn had for sale from her shop also came in adult sizes too. Time to break out the sewing machine for a fall fashion pick-me-up.

bellies and babies

bellies and babies

Plants:  I’m still intrigued by how this air plant survives with no soil and just a light misting of water once a week. There’s something alien about it — like at any moment this spiky critter could start crawling across the floor and attack. Still, I’m willing to risk alien abduction for their versatile design attributes.

air plant

air plant instructions

Gourds: At a garden visit ealier this year at Mellenie’s house, Calvin got a little too excited about gourds and smashed one and its seeds all over the yard. The gourds came back with a vengeance and now Mellenie has a bumper crop to share with us. I spoke to the guy working the gourd bird house booth about how to make them — turns out all you need is a drill to make the hole, no other special tools required. The birds will be pleasantly surprised when they return in the spring.

shaking a goard

Goard birdhouse

Pie: Sweet or savory, I love pie. Forget the cupcake craze, America needs more pie!

Pie baking contest entries

Pie baking contest

Comfort Food: Evening Star’s mac ‘n cheese, jambalaya, and squash soup had me instantly craving fall comfort foods.



What did you like the most about Art on the Avenue? Were you inspired to get crafty?

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