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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 | 0 comments

A DIY Engagement Gift for the Outdoorsy Couple

A DIY Engagement Gift for the Outdoorsy Couple


My good friend Rebecca and her fiancé Dave are über-outdoorsy – they sea kayak, hike, ice climb, mountain bike, snowshoe, you name it – on all vacations and most weekends. I’m knitting an afghan as a wedding gift, but also made an engagement gift that seemed a fitting tribute to their love for each other and of the outdoors.

I received these wood slices from Ana’s former teacher as she was cleaning out her new classroom.


I thought of the many DIY projects I could do with them: use chalkboard paint and write an inspirational message, make a clock by following this tutorial, or drill a large one into a planter for succulents. I even used a few as trivets and centerpiece decor at a party.


But then, it came to me: I would use a wood burning tool and carve a heart with Rebecca’s and Dave’s initials just like love-struck teenagers do to trees in the forest. I had seen this idea on various wedding decor sites recently too.

I bought a simple wood burning tool on Amazon for $12 and tested it on one of the wood slices.


I then sanded the surface of the wood slice and sketched the design with pencil.



It was very easy to use the tool but I had to wrap the handle with a potholder because it gets very hot. The house smelled like a forest fire.


After I finished the design, I used a beeswax wood polish to give the surface a nice sheen and bring out the natural color of the wood. Unfortunately, one of the knots darkened and created a very noticeable blotch.


So, I turned over the slice and created a new design to avoid a knot on that side. Now I guess Rebecca and Dave can flip the wood to the side they like best.


I also made one for my friend Gina for her birthday.


If you don’t have a way to get wood slices – requires tree stumps (obviously!) and someone with a chain saw and a steady hand, surprisingly enough, you can buy them online from Save on Crafts and other online merchants.

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