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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 | 0 comments

A Little Girl’s Homespun Butterfly Birthday Party

A Little Girl’s Homespun Butterfly Birthday Party

My friend Anne threw a sweet butterfly themed birthday party for her daughter to celebrate her 4th birthday. When she told me the theme, I pictured everyone galavanting about in her backyard near her actual butterfly garden. It rained buckets that afternoon so I was worried about how she’d pull it off in a smaller indoor space.

Turns out, the entire party was planned to take place inside, so the weather didn’t matter at all. She did a fabulous job with the decorations, food, and activities – everything homemade. Incidentally, many children came wearing butterfly wings and antennae.



Along one wall, she had drawn and colored a flower meadow. Then, the children were given cut-out butterflies to decorate and tape in the scene.



She had made a dozen or so butterfly balloon animals ahead of time that the kids carried around and tossed back and forth.



In one corner, she had set out a craft for the kids to make with beads and pipe cleaners. They threaded the pipe cleaners and then bent them into butterfly shapes, holding the shape in place with a second pipe cleaner serving as the abdomen and antennae.


As for food, everything was butterfly butterfly butterfly. She had treats and beverages set out like juice labeled as “butterfly nectar,” soft pretzels shaped into caterpillars and butterflies, and, how clever is this, “butterfly pasta salad.”

IMG_2638  IMG_2635

Anne even made a DIY pinata. She used newspaper and glue to make the wing and abdomen sections and then decorated the outside with crepe paper. The kids went wild stomping on it reveal the candy.


It was the kind of exceptionally executed party where the parents sat around chatting and sipping beer or wine, while the kids got busy coloring, making bracelets, snacking, playing, and generally flitting around like darling little butterflies themselves.


To plan a similar indoor party for kids in a small space, here’s what I learned:

  • Create activities in different parts of the rooms, so kids can move from “station” to station and gather in small groups sitting at tables or on the floor.
  • Let the party flow naturally, as the kids discover the different activities and just hang out with each other.
  • Offer a variety of snacks in the spirit of the theme.
  • Allow the adults to help themselves to drinks (alcoholic and non) and encourage them to mingle and hang out away from the main action.
  • Make the main event the candle lighting as the big finale to the party.


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