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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 | 1 comment

DIY Kids: Decoupaging an IKEA Serving Tray

DIY Kids: Decoupaging an IKEA Serving Tray

It was a rainy Sunday and Ana was pacing around glumly, so I pulled out a project for her that I had thought of a while back. We have the popular IKEA Klack serving tray that’s as plain as can be. And Katie had given Ana this decorative paper with illustrations of resplendent “papillons” that she thought she’d like.


We had contemplating decoupaging her dresser with the butterflies, but the IKEA tray seemed a perfect project for her too. It was quick to set up: Pull out the mod podge, some paint brushes and (optionally) a rubber brayer, and scissors.

She cut out butterflies.


She spread mod podge on the tray and the top of each butterfly, smoothing them down with a few rolls of the rubber brayer. If you don’t have a brayer, you can put one coat of mod podge on, wait for it to dry, and then layer another coat on. That method should prevent the paper from buckling. The thick paper we used didn’t pucker at all.


Little by little, she decorated the tray entirely to her liking.


She spread a layer of mod podge all over the blank areas of the tray to add consistency in the sheen. (If you want to be able to get the tray wet though, you may want to use polyurethane as a top coat.)

About an hour later, Ana proudly revealed the results: from blah to beautiful!


We talked about how this project would make a great gift for Ana’s Grandmother or as a housewarming gift too. It’s super easy for an 8-year-old, but apart from the cutting, would work for younger children too. You can buy a nice selection of decorative paper from Paper Source. For more tips about using mod podge, see the Mod Podge Rocks videos for beginners.


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  1. Aww – this is so cute! Thank you for the mention!!

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