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Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 | 1 comment

Vintage Style Comes to Life at Amalgamated Clothing and Dry Goods

Vintage Style Comes to Life at Amalgamated Clothing and Dry Goods

Del Ray’s narrow tree-lined streets, 1920s bungalows, art deco architecture, and post-war vintage homes can make you feel like you have traveled back to an earlier time. So it’s fitting the newest shop on the block, Amalgamated Classic Clothing and Dry Goods, sells truly vintage clothing and accessories, letting you dress the part as well.

hair pins at amalgamated clothing and dry goods

Shelley White and her business partner Gene Elm opened Amalgamated in April and since then, they have brightened local wardrobes with their dazzling selection of vintage, period, and handmade pieces. One step inside and you immediately feel at home in the cozy space with its wide plank floors, vividly colored clothing, and charming vignettes of thoughtfully curated timeless treasures.

My summer wardrobe is somewhere on these hangers…

vintage skirts at amalgamated clothing and dry goods

On these shelves…

shoes at amalgamated clothing and dry goods

And in this suitcase.


In addition to the wide selection of ladies fashion, there’s plenty of stock for the fashion-conscious gent looking to flaunt his mod style sense.


neck ties at amalgamated clothing and dry goods

mens shoes at amalgamated clothing and dry goods


As well as darling children’s clothing, household accessories, and handmade jewelry.



hankies at amalgamated clothing and dry

glasses at amalgamated clothing and dry goods

The store’s merchandise, spanning the decades from the turn of the century to the 1960s, comes from all over the country, with pickers hand selecting items at auctions and sales. The Amalgamated team carefully examines and cleans each piece before adding to the racks (even their tags are cool!).

amalgamated clothing and dry goods

But what really excites us about Amalgamated is that Shelley makes some of the clothing and jewelry herself. A sculpture artist by training, Shelley took a sewing class at a local fabric store three years ago. The day we stopped by for a visit, Shelley and her assistant were prepping their new summer line right in the store. Shelley currently does all the sewing at home, but eventually wants to add a workspace to the back of the store.


Fabric scraps like these will become this season’s hot numbers.

fabric scraps at amalgamated clothing and dry goods

Freshly made shirts and dresses are all ready for sale.

handmade shirts and dresses at amalgamated clothing and dry goods

The vertical pleats on this homemade dress offer a forgiving and flattering fit.

handmade dress at amalgamated clothing and dry goods

Shelley bases her clothing designs on Japanese patterns. Of her homemade frocks, she has sizes 6-10 available at the store, but she can make up to size 22. There are samples made out of muslin to try for the perfect fit. And even better, you can select the fabric you want for a truly one-of-a-kind look. Never again will you have to worry about running into someone with the same shirt or dress. (I know I’ve had that awkward encounter before!)

Shelley also sells handmade accessories, like these real feather hair pins (Nadja happily modeled, hoping this hot pink one would go home with her).

feather hair pin at amalgamated clothing and dry goods

A testament to the quality of their merchandise and the extent of their expertise on fashion design, Amalgamated’s clothing has been featured on numerous major motion pictures and Broadway productions, including the series “Boardwalk Empire” on HBO. They maintain a warehouse in the DC area filled with clothing rented by appointment for film, theater, television, photography, fashion and print.

We love how Amalgamated exudes so much creativity, the way they style vintage clothing into timeless beauties, and how there’s always something pretty in the window or along the sidewalk out front just waiting to add glamour and sophistication to your wardrobe. We can’t wait to see what gems they discover and make next.

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  1. Shelley , your store is so great, I wish you the best of luck love always
    Pam and Sonny

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