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Posted by on May 11, 2012 | 0 comments

Giving Thanks: Cards Your Kids Can Make

Giving Thanks: Cards Your Kids Can Make

I insist that my kids send thank you cards for gifts they receive. I love getting thank you cards from their friends too. I don’t care really if the parents write them or the kids do. They don’t have to be fancy or even timely. After Nadja’s recent birthday, I gathered some craft materials and together with her big sister made three different designs. (I later wrote the thank you note and Nadja signed them.)

Pin-Punch Card

The “pin punch” job is popular in Montessori classrooms for learning letter shapes. The children use a small awl to trace a letter by punching holes. To make the card, you write the word backwards on the inside of the card.


It takes precise work and intense concentration.


Ana did a few letters too.


When you use this technique to make a card, you get the cool texture on the front of the card that spells out “Thanks.” (Later, Nadja added some doodles before hand delivering the card to our neighbors.)


Rubber Stamp Card

This card is as simple as can be. When you have to make multiple cards assembly line fashion, it’s perfect. I bought my stamp and stamp pad at Paper Source and you can find them in most craft stores like Michaels.


We cut some card stock we had on hand into folded cards and then stamped them with the Thank You message on the front of each.


Lacing Card

I used the push pin to mark holes for the letters. The girls picked out the colors they wanted to use from our massive stash of embroidery thread (thanks to Ana’s friendship bracelet hobby). I threaded an embroidery needle and they took turns lacing the letters.


We made just enough to send to friends and family.


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