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Posted by on Apr 24, 2012 | 0 comments

Make Your Own Biodegradable Seed Start Pots

Make Your Own Biodegradable Seed Start Pots

Luckily for procrastinators like me, it’s not too late to grow some seed starts. Mine only took one week to sprout. This year, I only wanted to start seeds for two plants for my back patio: sunflowers and ornamental gourds from calabash seeds.  As any good DIYer, I made some seed pots that will decompose in the ground as the starts take root.


First, I folded some easy origami boxes from newspapers. I used one layer of newspaper but then realized that it was too floppy to hold the shape. It works much better with a few layers. The gourd seeds went into these pots with some potting soil mixed with compost. I asked Matt to make a multiple-egg omelet so I could use the halved egg shells and then I propped the shells upright in the egg carton. I planted the sunflower seeds in these.

I put the pots in a big casserole dish and gave them a strong dose of sunshine and twice-daily watering. (The painted rocks are there to keep the dish from sliding off the step.)


A week later, I had healthy starts to plant in the ground. The gourd starts are not as visible, but I have faith they’ll rally.


And into the soil they went, pot and all. I’m told I may have to crunch up the egg shell when the roots become a bit more established since the shell won’t decompose fast enough. My soil is very healthy though with plenty of microorganisms so I am pretty confident the seed pots will break down.



I tossed the wet, soggy egg carton straight into the compost bin. Total investment: oh, maybe $3 for the seed packets.


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