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Posted by on Apr 9, 2012 | 0 comments

Alphabetizing and Sorting: Chores Kids Will Seriously Love

Alphabetizing and Sorting: Chores Kids Will Seriously Love

I had a brilliant brainstorm during spring break. While Katie’s son Jack was spending a few afternoons with Ana, I thought of an extra credit chore they could do together: alphabetize the spice rack!


Katie loved the idea and came up with one too: sort the loose hardware into baby food jars!


And wouldn’t you know it, Ana and Jack were psyched! It wasn’t even about the lure of earning $2 each for each chore. They really enjoyed being in the moment.

Alphabetizing the Spices

They debated whether Ground Pepper went with the Ps or the Gs, and if Red Pepper should go with the Rs or the Ps.  They mispronounced Oregano as Or-ray-gone-noh. They giggled over alphabetizing the sprinkles.


Ana reached high to put the jars back in the rack while Jack shuttled them to her in batches.


Sorting the Loose Hardware

They got right down to work and gave the job their undivided attention.



Even after their diligent sorting, they wanted to do more: Can we make labels for the jars now?!



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