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Posted by on Apr 4, 2012 | 2 comments

Tie-Dyed Teamwork: A Pre-Season Soccer Activity for Kids

Tie-Dyed Teamwork: A Pre-Season Soccer Activity for Kids

Kids’ sports teams often celebrate at the end of the season. But my daughter’s  soccer team, the “Rockets” likes to switch things up with a kick-off party. And what better way than with a tie-dying activity that lets the kids and their parents work together as a team.

The grown-ups prepared two big tubs of colored dye — one blue and one orange (the red dye is actually orange) and set them out on tarps. They made the mixture  with RIT dye.


The girls took their team shirts and twisted the fabric somewhat randomly and then held the twisted parts in place with rubberbands.



They stood in line to dip the shirts in the dye baths.


With help from a parent wearing rubber gloves, they plunged part of the shirt in the orange dye and part in the blue dye.


Then they used the bottles to squirt some contrasting colors on to the shirt.


They took the wet shirts home, soaked them in a bit of vinegar, and then hung them to dry.

Aren’t they fabulous! This is one from the year before. They’re great shirts to wear to practice!



  1. Those shirts are fabulous! Would you consider throwing an adult make your own tie-dye shirt party? I want one! :)

    • That’s a great idea, Angela!

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