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Posted by on Mar 26, 2012 | 1 comment

Signs of Spring Around the Home

Signs of Spring Around the Home

I’m not much of a spring person — allergies, rain, humidity starting to rise. But I do like coming home from work while it’s still light outside, watching the kids run around in the yard. Warmer temps means backyard bbqs, eating dinner outside, bike rides, and more time at the park. But I still need something to get into the spring spirit. I made some quick changes around the house this weekend, and things are starting to perk up.

My first and obvious spring pick-me-up comes in the form of plants. I picked this goldfish plant up from Eclectic Nature on Sunday. It’s called a goldfish plant because its orange flowers look like goldfish. I can’t wait for some blooms.

goldfish plant in window

Tulips are another welcome friend in my house, these from Trader Joes’s sit in the front window.

pink tulips

I love this Christmas tree Jack made in art class last winter, but it was way past time to switch out the art.

christmas tree, mixed media

My seasonal swap is this knight print, from a set of chess pieces I ordered from Etsy.

hand drawn chess piece

The dining table was begging for some action as well. Once again, Pamplemousse had his eyes on me. Or else he was looking guilty about something he’s not supposed to do.

dining table

I found this fabulous Marimekko print at the Crate and Barrel Outlet to make a table runner. I bought 2 yards for $3.99/yd and used less than half of that. Perhaps I’ll make some placemats or napkins with the rest.

marimekko table runner

I turned my head for just a minute and this happened. Ah yes, I knew Pamplemousse was about to get in trouble. Having a nice nap, little buddy?

cat on table, marimekko runner

Fresh flowers and new towels are a great way to spruce up a bathroom, but I chose to add some fresh new soap. Mellenie’s soaps made here in Del Ray are a refreshing burst of spring. I especially love this lemon thyme scent. (Psst — you can now buy them at Whole Foods in Old Town!)

truly-life lemon thyme soap

I stopped by Leslie’s house on Sunday and discovered she was also doing a little spring decorating. These origami chicks are simply adorable — I think we’ll be making some of these at my house later this week.


So what have you been doing to get your house ready for spring?

1 Comment

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