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Posted by on Mar 22, 2012 | 2 comments

MV Big Flea: Bargain Shopping and “Junque” Dropping

MV Big Flea: Bargain Shopping and “Junque” Dropping

Well, another Saturday, another MV Big Flea Shop ‘n Drop. Last weekend I made a quick stop to the new location (next door to the old location in Arlandria) to drop off an old bookcase and see what treasures had been added since my last visit. I’m currently in the process of some serious Spring decluttering and I’ll be mostly “dropping” for the time being. But if you’re ripe for “shopping” here are some of the highlights from last Saturday’s shindig.

Chairs. Lots and lots of chairs. This vintage rocker/glider needs some new fabric  — I imagine a froggy green or deep red velvet — but she’s got good bones and a regal style.

old rocker

Here’s something you don’t see every day. This chrome chair (left) has a unique physique and a pristine white vinyl seat. Would be nice in a teenager’s room or as a dining chair in an eclectic-styled house. And on the right, yet another memory from Bungalow (formerly on the Ave). Can you picture an Ikat or Indian-designed cushion to brighten its aged wood?

silver retro chair, vinyl seat     DSC_0214

I’ve got lots of ideas for this small old suitcase — a handy storage container for doll clothes or art supplies, mounted on the wall sideways as a secret storage shelf with a mirror attached to the inside, or as a handsome container for mail and bills on a console table by the front door.

small vintage suitcase

And speaking of tables, this one is not too shabby either. I’ll be honest, it has a little damage, but that could possibly be repaired with some furniture cleaner/polish. Or, if you’re feeling bold, paint it a sunny yellow and put on a covered porch. Add a couple of small chairs and you have a cozy bistro corner to enjoy lemonade, coffee or a springtime cocktail with a friend.

round side table

This storage box had me baffled but I’m going to guess that it’s for storing cassette tapes. Since those are ancient history in my house at least, I’d probably use it to hold matchbox cars. Or turn on its back and fill with art supplies — pens, markers, colored pencils, pastels organized by color and size.

slotted storage box

Moving on to the bedroom furniture department, this vintage vanity/dresser really caught my eye. I love the rounded edges, the stylish drawer pulls, and the art deco charm. Instead of using it in a bedroom, I see it as a console under a wall-mounted tv. The drawers would be perfect for hiding living room accessories — games, videos and kids’ toys — and magazines and wandering remotes would stack neatly in the middle.

vintage vanity

Also in the bedroom sector, here’s a fabulous solid wood bed frame (probably full or queen, if you’re interested). You could paint her for a French country/cottage feel, but I think she’s perfectly wonderful just the way she is.

decorative wood headboard

Don’t mind the Big Gulp and the awkward camera angle, this gorgeous trunk is actually really large and probably weighs about a thousand pounds. Worn, weathered, and well-travelled, it’s one of those storage pieces that would be great for out of season items (so you don’t have to open it often) — Winter coats in the Summer, outside toys in the Winter, etc. I’d take him home with me if only I had the space and the upper body strength.

old trunk

And finally, my beloved tinker toys. I had to say no for now (with deep regret as I drove away), but if they are still available after I get my wreck of a basement cleaned out, I may have to make an offer.

tinker toys

So there you have it. Some of the latest and greatest finds from the Big Flea Shop n’ Drop. Don’t worry, you can shop and drop every Saturday up until the main event — the Big Flea on May 5, 2012. DIY Del Ray will be there every step of the way — your eyes and ears for all the sweet deals and treasures to reinvent or repurpose.

If you have questions about what to donate, dates and times for the next Shop ‘n Drop, or even if you want to volunteer, check out the Big Flea Web site. All proceeds from the Big Flea support the Mount Vernon Community School PTA.


  1. Great article! It made me want to go and purchase every one of these items!

    • Thanks Sherrie! Lots of great stuff over there and I wish I could take it all too! I don’t have room for any more furniture, but I’m hoping that little suitcase is still there next time I visit.

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