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Posted by on Mar 1, 2012 | 0 comments

More DIY Inspiration from the MV Big Flea Shop ‘N Drop

More DIY Inspiration from the MV Big Flea Shop ‘N Drop

The Mt. Vernon Big Flea is a huge fundraiser that benefits the Mt. Vernon Community School PTA located in Del Ray. The MV Big Flea takes place in May, but work is well underway to ensure a successful event, including a Shop ‘N Drop last weekend. Like the name suggests, anyone can come to the Shop ‘N Drop to purchase items already donated or to drop off household items for sale.


Last weekend, I volunteered at the second (of many) Shop ‘N Drops, helping to unload and sort merchandise. DIY Del Ray posted about the first Shop ‘N Drop a few weeks ago. Like the last time, I got a sneak peek at the bargains. These are some of the fine items that caught my eye this time around.

There’s some mystery inherent in this box. What is its true purpose in life? It looks like something that belongs on a boat, but it just begs to be used in the house or garden in a creative way, wouldn’t you agree? The other volunteers and I contemplated its potential as a hanging storage shelf (farmhouse chic?) in the kitchen or as a garden planter. Or a Cub Scout could maybe add some wheels to engineer a soapbox derby car.



Great color, great shape, and perfect for small spaces, this corner desk belongs in a child’s room. I’d take it if I didn’t have a closet-to-office reno going on for my daughter. I could see it in a different color in a main living area to serve as a writing/bill paying desk too. My guess is that it will be snatched up right quick at the next Shop ‘N Drop if not the actual sale.


I couldn’t resist unpacking this Japanese sushi and tea set. It’s missing a couple of tea cups, which is a shame, but the set is worth buying if only for the teapot. You can use the miso bowls, chopstick holders, and plates as intended, and then repurpose the tea cups as dainty storage containers on your desk — for, say, paperclips, found buttons, or pennies.


Fellow volunteer, Suzanne, snagged this chic patent leather travel case for her 10-year-old daughter. The Eiffel Tower zipper pull takes it to a whole new level of sophistication, no?



How could I resist snapping a picture of something made from corks. But what is it? Someone definitely had a bulletin board in mind. It comes with a half a dozen push pins. What’s with the shape? Maybe it perfectly surrounds a wine rack that’s also packed in one of the numerous boxes at the Big Flea. Only time will tell.


There’s plenty more bargains and DIY inspiration in store from here until May. The next Shop ‘N Drop will take place in March. It will all lead up to the main event — the HUGE flea market spectacular — on May 5, 2012. For dates and more details, visit the Mt. Vernon Big Flea website. Whether you want to shop or drop, we hope to see you there!

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