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Posted by on Feb 3, 2012 | 0 comments

Decor for the Outdoors: Tin Can Wind Chimes

Decor for the Outdoors: Tin Can Wind Chimes

Tin can wind chimes are a great way to upcycle tin cans and enliven your backyard in the winter with a pop of color and a gentle “tink” when the wind blows. Here’s how you can make a set for yourself:

1. Collect your supplies.

  • Large, medium, and small tin cans. Take the paper off the tin cans and wash them.
  • A file tool for smoothing any sharp edges on the cans.
  • Paint brushes and outdoor paint. (AC Moore or Michaels)
  • Small wooden beads (optional).  (AC Moore or Michaels)
  • Garden twine.
  • Hammer and nail.


2. Put holes in the bottoms of the cans with the hammer and nail. You can do this after you paint the cans if you wish.



3. Paint the cans with either outdoor paint like we did, or else acrylic in which case you’ll need to spray a sealant over the paint before you hang the chimes outside.


4. This is the tricky part. Starting with the largest can, thread the twine through the hole and make sure you leave a good foot or so to use for hanging the chimes. When you know where you want to position the topmost can, tie a few knots in the string. Optionally, you can thread a small bead above the knot. I did that just to ensure that the knot doesn’t slip through.

Then, you figure out where you want  to position the medium-sized can. You need to mark where you need to tie the knot and then again, use a bead and big knot to hold the can in place. Do the same for the smallest can.



5. And there you have it! I threaded a large wooden bead from my daughter’s toy collection to the very bottom so the wind will more easily pull the chimes to and fro.


Next week, I’m leading the Green Team at my daughter’s elementary school in this activity and we’ll make about four of the tin can wind chimes to hang in the school gardens.  And if you want to try another “outdoor decor” craft that’s perfect for winter, check out the ice windows and ornaments we made a few weeks ago.

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