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Posted by on Jan 24, 2012 | 0 comments

Reader Submission: Kids Chores on a String

Reader Submission: Kids Chores on a String

My friend Rachel created a clever chore system for her two older children, ages 7 and 5, that’s a cinch to make, nice-looking, and easy to use. She used twine, clothespins, and Sharpies. It helps too that Rachel has absolutely perfect handwriting, making her chore chart even more aesthetically pleasing. You could do this with a label maker too.

The concept goes like this: The kids have daily “must do” tasks as well as weekly chores that they get to choose. They can rotate the weekly chores. The tasks are listed on clothespins. When the task gets done each day, they turn the clothespin over to the blank side. By the end of the day, all pins should be on their blank side. At night, Rachel takes note, and flips the daily tasks back to the “chore” side for the following day. When in full affect, Fiona and Eamon each get a $1 allowance on Saturday.

This is the string of weekly chores with their telltale double green and blue stripes.


Here’s what the system looks like as a whole. Weekly chores line the top string, Fiona’s blue clothespins are on the middle string, and Eamon’s green clothespins are on the bottom string.


Rachel hung the clothes “lines” along the edge of a shelving unit within Fiona and Eamon’s easy reach, but too high for her youngest son Calder’s reach. The kids each choose one weekly chore from the top string and move it down to their individual string. Rachel keeps a blank pin ready in case she wants to add a new weekly chore. It’s nice that you can see what chores are done and not yet done at a quick glance.

On Fiona’s string, you can see her chores and “must do’s.” The six blue pins on the left are daily chores. The blue-and-green pin on the right is the weekly chore she chose. I’m going to add the garbage chore to my 8-year-old’s roster too; if her pal Fiona can accomplish it, Ana can too!


Here you can see how two chore pins are flipped to their blank side to show that they’ve been completed.


Rachel admits that they sometimes let the routine slip as can be expected with any busy family, but it’s great the weeks when it does works. I’m betting it lessens the need for the nagging I  succumb to when it comes to those daily must do’s like brushing teeth.

Let us know if you have a chore chart or system you’d be willing to share!

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