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Posted by on Jan 20, 2012 | 2 comments

Decor for the Outdoors: Ice Windows and Ornaments

Decor for the Outdoors: Ice Windows and Ornaments

Why not take advantage of the temperatures when they drop to the low 30s or freezing and make these gorgeous ice windows and ornaments. Nothing could be easier, gratifying, and fun to do with children too.

Start by gathering various items from nature like berries, pine cones, pine tree and herb cuttings, and maybe add to the collection some items you may have in the house. We cut some orange slices and used some shells from summer beach combing.  You should also find a few small rocks because you’ll need them for the ornaments.



For the ice windows, you can use a metal pie plate, or a wide and narrow plastic tub, or as we did, round cake pans. Just arrange the berries and such in the bottom of the pan and then take twine or thin nylon rope and lay it around the edges with a loop coming out at the top.


Add water and then place the pan outside to freeze.


When I checked them in a few hours, the ice had started to form. I glanced at the outdoor thermometer and noticed that the temperature was exactly 31 degrees.



The temperature had risen to the low 40s later on, so it took about 5 or so hours for the ice windows to freeze completely. But when they were ready, they slipped right out of the pans.




And looked stunning hanging in a tree in the late afternoon sunlight.


To make the ornaments, you use plastic cups and again toss some berries, plant cuttings, and so on inside. This time, you tie a small rock with the twine and make a loop at the top. Add water, freeze, and then you have some winter ornaments to hand outside and enjoy, albeit temporarily. They’ll slowly melt in the sun, but are so lovely to behold while they last. And why not collect the shells and cones and the rest and just start over another day!




The idea comes from a book I highly recommend called Make It Wild!: 101 Things to Make and Do Outdoors.


  1. I love this! We are definitely going to make these this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

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