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Posted by on Dec 29, 2011 | 2 comments

Our DIY Lessons Learned in 2011

Our DIY Lessons Learned in 2011

Since launching this blog in July this year, we’ve learned a lot about DIY, home improvement and organization. We made a few mistakes and had some frustrating moments, but we’ve also had a lot of fun.  So in true end-of-year-recap fashion, here are some of our favorite DIY lessons learned from 2011. We can’t wait to get started on new projects and feature more Del Ray homes in the year to come.

1. Displaying your books by color is a stylish way to get organized.

color-coded books

2. A good paint color is hard to find, but definitely worth the trouble.

twin beds in shared bedroom

3. Loofah come from the garden, not the sea.

home grown loofah

4. Chalkboard paint is amazing and oh so versatile.

project-shells    chalkboard paint wall in kitchen

5. Keep your eyes open on trash day, you never know what treasures you will find.

chairs before

6. If you wait long enough for your husband to start and finish a project, he’ll eventually do it, take credit for it and ask what his next project should be. The man cave was major score for the ever-growing to-do list.


7. It pays to list preferences for design books on a blog, especially if family members looking for gift ideas read the blog.

Pinned Image Design*Sponge at Home

8. When you do a craft project it’s always good to have more supplies than you think you’ll need, especially when it comes to paint or yarn.


9. Making soap is dangerous business that requires safety glasses.


10. A beautiful renovation can happen through a winning combination of marital compromise, knowledge of interior design styles, and smart salvage shop and Craigslist sleuthing.


11. Happiness is looking forward to tackling a new DIY project every weekend.


So what have you learned this year?


  1. ooh organising books by colour is a great idea!

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