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Posted by on Dec 28, 2011 | 1 comment

8 Tips for Setting Up a Home Workshop

8 Tips for Setting Up a Home Workshop

When we learned about tools for working with wood and how to choose the perfect saw for the job from Melissa and Bruni, they also showed us their inspiring basement workshop. Here are their tips for putting together a workshop cheaply and quickly.

1. Be sure to have 8 feet in every direction. That way, you can turn  360 degrees while holding a long piece of wood and you can move lumber in and out.


2. Use old kitchen cabinets and plywood for the countertops. You can probably find some at Restore or Community Forklift. As you can see from the photo on the left below, the cabinet still has its price tag.

IMG_7314    IMG_7316

3. Set up a storage system for scrap lumber. Melissa and Bruni created shelves near the ceiling to hold lumber, but they also built their green roof shed in part to provide more lumber storage.


4. Position the chop saw, if you have one, lower than counter. In this way, you can rest the ends of the lumber on the flat surface.


5. Have a shopvac nearby. You’ll need to vacuum up the copious dust that accumulates. Admittedly, dust is a problem that Melissa and Bruni have not quite solved.


6. Find a way to hang paint brushes to dry over a sink.


7. Use the rafters to store boxes. Off-season supplies might otherwise take up the precious floor space that you want to maximize for your DIY tools and workshop.


8. Hang like tools together using pegboard. When the workshop counters and shelves are in place,  you can quickly grab the appropriate tool when you need it.


Posted by Leslie

1 Comment

  1. my scrap wood rack has a Sharpie hanging from a string and i marked off inch increments across the front of one of the shelves. before putting a new piece of scrap lumber on the rack, i measure it and mark the length on the grain end. beats fumbling through the entire rack to find one piece of the length you need. now i just peruse the rack until i spot one nearest the length i’m looking for and slide it out.

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