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Posted by on Dec 5, 2011 | 2 comments

The Making of a Sock Monkey

The Making of a Sock Monkey

The sock monkey is a model of DIY ingenuity. A long time ago, someone had the wherewithal to figure out you can take an old pair of socks and create a stuffed animal in just a few simple steps. Genius.

I made my first sock monkey several years ago. I made a bunch that year for all my friends’ kids — different style socks, different colors, some in the traditional red-heeled Rockfords, and some in whatever I could find at Target.

My youngest doesn’t have one yet so this is his year to get a sock monkey for Christmas.

Step 1: Get socks!

You can use any kind of sock with a distinct heel. The more interesting the sock, the most interesting the monkey. If you get the Rockford socks, you’ll get the instructions for making a sock monkey inside the pack. Otherwise, just follow along here. You’ll also need a sewing machine, needle and thread, stuffing, and embroidery thread or yarn.

sock monkey instructions

Step 2: Cut socks

One sock will form the body and legs and with the other sock, you will cut out the arms, ears, tail and mouth. Virtually every square inch of the socks will be used.

sock monkey pieces

Step 3: Stitch up the appendages

A sewing machine works best for this. If you don’t have one, you can hand stitch, but it might not be very sturdy. Make sure to stitch inside out.

Step 4: Stuff that monkey

Carefully add stuffing to the arms, legs, body, and tail. It may seem a little lumpy, but it will even out with time and play.

Step 5: Put ’em together

You’ll have to hand stitch everything from this point out — it takes time but there really is no other way. I hate it too, but it’s worth it in the end. Stitch up the bum and attach the extremities, ears and mouth.

sock monkey without a face

Yes, he still might be a little lumpy…

sock monkey

Use a little embroidery thread or yarn to add eyes. You can also use buttons if you aren’t worried about a choking hazard.

sock monkey

But after this little guy was done, he was cute, but just not perfect. So I crocheted a quick little scarf and he looked a lot happier and ready to celebrate the holidays.

sock monkey with scarf

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    • I had a bunch of the sock monkey socks leftover from previous projects, but not sure where to buy locally — possibly Target? I did a quick search and found them online at Amazon, Zappos, and Walmart.

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