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Posted by on Nov 25, 2011 | 2 comments

Designing a Personalized Birthday Cake with P.S. Cakes

Designing a Personalized Birthday Cake with P.S. Cakes

Del Ray resident Sarah Savarie runs a home-based business called P.S. Cakes. She makes luscious cakes and cupcakes and she just created these adorable turkey cake pops for a client.


I know how scrumptious Sarah’s cakes and cupcakes are first-hand because Sarah’s daughter Bea and my daughter Ana are in the same Brownie troop and we made pre-ordered cupcakes as a troop event. When Sarah said she’d have time to make Ana’s eighth birthday cake (triple layer no less!), she recommended that Ana design her own cake using fondant.

There are several ways to make fondant, but essentially it is an edible icing that has the consistency not unlike play dough.  It is pliable and can be used to make figurines, letters, or you can use it to drape a cake for a smooth, clean appearance.

Ana was so excited to spend time with Sarah and her two daughters on the morning of her birthday party, learning how to design a cake step by step.

Sarah had made the three cake layers in advance so we could focus our time on the frosting and fondant designs.


Next, Ana mixed white and purple icing to create the exact shade of purple she wanted for the frosting.


And made sure it tasted just right too.


Meanwhile, Sarah showed us how she slices off the rounded top of each cake layer to make a flat surface. (The girls got to eat pieces of the discarded chocolate cake, with a dollop of frosting.)

IMG_7558   IMG_7560

She taught Ana how to spread the white frosting in between the layers of chocolate cake, getting as few chocolate crumbs mixed in as possible.






Next, Sarah pulled out an assortment of fondant colors, a cutting matt, various sculpting tools, as well as a very important can of Crisco which keeps the fondant from drying out or sticking to the countertop. Ana set to work making little versions of the events she had planned for her birthday slumber party.

The sky’s the limit with what you can do with fondant, so Ana made a sleeping bag and pillow, a TV with “Spy Kids” the movie playing, a bowl of popcorn, pizza, a Happy Birthday banner, a balloon, a gifts, and a pancake skillet and pancakes. Sarah has food-based markers that Ana used to write letters on the banner and TV.

IMG_7591      IMG_7595


While the girls were having a blast figuring out how best to create each object, Sarah finished frosting the outside of the cake and smoothing it flat.


IMG_7599      IMG_7602


Then, she let Ana arrange the fondant designs on the top of the cake.



She mixed up a bag of pink butter cream icing  so Ana could write her name around the outside of the cake along with the number 8, and then the border with more purple. (Sarah let Ana make a few of the border embellishments, but then finished the rest herself for the sake of time and perhaps, precision.)




That night, Ana couldn’t wait to show off her one-of-a-kind, extra special cake, topped with star-shaped candles and a fondant cake “popsicle.”


You can get in touch with Sarah at if you want to arrange a similar experience for your child.

Posted by Leslie


  1. We’ve used P.S.Cakes for years and they never disappoint. Sarah and Phil have a way of capturing the moment with a delicious masterpiece. Well worth the drive from Herndon.

  2. P.S. Cakes made THE BEST Cars birthday cake, tailor-made for my son with individual licens plates no less, i’ve ever seen…this fantastic caket stole the show, and made both the kids and the parents ooh and ahh! Thanks to Phil and Sarah for making a little boys day truly unforgettable…and delicious too! We will use P.S. Cakes for all our big events.

    Tim and Mary Beth Sullivan Vienna, VA

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