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Posted by on Nov 17, 2011 | 1 comment

Furoshiki: A Twist on Traditional Gift Wrapping

Furoshiki: A Twist on Traditional Gift Wrapping

You can find a wealth of ideas for wrapping presents with paper and ribbon. If you want to try something different, a gift wrapping technique that is both lovely and environmentally friendly, look no further than furoshiki.

The technique originates in Japan and is simply cloth that you fold in various ways to wrap items to give as gifts — both for boxes for under the tree or for housewarming or hostess gifts. You can also make shopping bags or decorative items for your home.

You can buy cloth specifically designed for furoshiki folding, but it’s easy enough to use festive cloth and hem it, or else find scarves at consignment shops to use. We’ve also seen it done with cloth napkins and decorative dish towels.

Katie and I tried out a few different folds to demonstrate how easy it is to master furoshiki. We consulted the furoshiki Web site and its handy step-by-step descriptions of folds.

Wrap number 1. We started with a big square cloth and used the four-bottles wrap to wrap some beer. The technique also works with wine bottles, or any tall narrow bottle for that matter.

IMG_7695      IMG_7696

IMG_7697      IMG_7698

IMG_7700      IMG_7702

Wrap number 2. Then, we made the hand-carry bag wrap.

IMG_7713    IMG_7714

This one is perfect for spontaneous trips to the Farmer’s Market.


Wrap number 3. We wrapped a single bottle of champagne using one of the many bottle wrap techniques.

IMG_7717    IMG_7720

Would you love to open a hostess gift presented in such a unique and special way.  You could also use a dish or tea towel instead of a scarf that becomes part of the gift as well.


Wrap number 4. We folded the scarf around a hard-bound book using the versatile basic fold.

IMG_7732     IMG_7733

IMG_7734     IMG_7736

Here’s what it looks like when you use that same wrapping technique for a larger shirt box.


Wrap number 5. We wrapped two toys using the box wrap.

IMG_7744      IMG_7745

IMG_7747      IMG_7750

IMG_7752      IMG_7755

Wrap number 6. Last, we made a simple over-the-shoulder shopping bag. This one is good for when you’re out and about and you make a spontaneous purchase.

IMG_7762     IMG_7764

Stylish and practical, wouldn’t you say?


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