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Posted by on Nov 14, 2011 | 3 comments

Reader Submission: DIY Murphy Bed

Reader Submission: DIY Murphy Bed

The Murphy Bed is the ultimate space saver, so we were so excited when we received the following story from a reader about making his own Murphy Bed. Landall is a pretty handy guy (see how he built his basement workbench) so the project wasn’t too difficult, but he does caution that this is not a project for a beginner.

My wife and I bought our townhouse in Del Ray after we’d found out we were expecting our first child. We knew we’d turn the second bedroom into a nursery and would need a place for guests, namely grandparents, to stay when they came to visit.

We didn’t really want to continually offer our guests a fold-out sofa or air mattress so we started to look into Murphy Bed options. There are a lot of Murphy Bed options out there but we settled on this style from because of the lack of vertical space in our basement. We need the bed to fold down horizontally rather than vertically, and this option allowed for that.

When you order the kit, it includes all of the hardware for the mechanism that allows the bed to lower, but also full instructions for assembly, a cut list and even a template for how to get the most pieces out of a standard size sheet of plywood.

We went to Home Depot to buy the plywood and luckily they were nice enough to make all the large cuts for me using their giant rip saw. A word of caution: Remember that the blade is 1/16″ thick and needs to go on the outside of the cut marks.

murphy bed supplies      murphy bed under construction

murphy bed under construction

Overall it took about two weekends to completely build. There were parts that went by really quickly and others that required reading the instructions multiple times. All in all it was definitely well worth the effort and money to now have a dedicated sleeping space for our guests that isn’t a dedicated sleeping space when they aren’t there.

As you can see from the pictures we use space as a workout area now and once our newborn baby is old enough, we plan to repaint the front with chalkboard paint so he can use it as a play area when it’s not being used as a bed.

finished murphy bed

finished DIY murphy bed

We have no idea how this would affect resale value one day. If a new buyer decides they don’t want it, it’s just plywood and screws. The whole thing could be disassembled in less than an hour. But that’s years down the road.

Submitted by Landall Proctor


  1. Good job! Approximately how much did everything cost including the mechanism kit (plywood, screws, paint, etc.).

    I’m looking to build my own but on an extremely tight college student budget.


    • Vanessa — The kit from is $299 and includes the hardware and instructions. You’ll still need to purchase wood/paint and that could vary depending on the type. Good luck!

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