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Posted by on Oct 27, 2011 | 0 comments

Last-Minute Halloween Decorations

Last-Minute Halloween Decorations

It’s not too late to get your house decked out for Halloween. Here are a few really easy projects to get you and your family in a festive and freaky mood.

Mason Jar Luminaries

Take an ordinary glass jar (from pasta sauce, pickles, jam, etc.) and cover with a thin coat of acrylic paint. Don’t paint too thick or the luminaries won’t glow very well.

mason jar luminaries

Use a permanent marker, construction paper, or black paint to create a scary face. Optional: Cover with a coat of Mod Podge for a smooth shine.

mason jar luminaries

Wait until dark, drop in a tea light, and let them glow!

mason jar luminaries

White Chocolate Eyeballs

Make white chocolate truffles using your favorite recipe.  Roll into balls, use red cake decorating icing to draw veins, and top with an M&M for the iris.

White chocolate eyeballs     White chocolate eyeballs

White chocolate eyeballs

Pumpkin Mummies

Draw a face on the pumpkin using a pencil and permanent marker. Wrap the pumpkin with gauze or cheese cloth and glue down (best to use a glue gun). An added benefit — no more squirrels snacking on your pumpkins before Halloween!




Monogrammed Pumpkins

Use thumb tacks to create letters or shapes. Another option — drill holes in the pumpkin so the candle light will shine through.

monogrammed pumpkins 2

Ghost Wreath

Make a bunch of ghosts using tissues twisted around cotton balls. Draw eyes and mouth with a marker and attach to a wreath frame with tape, or better yet, a glue gun.


What Halloween decorations are you still working on?

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