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Posted by on Oct 24, 2011 | 3 comments

Halloween Party DIY Style

Halloween Party DIY Style

On Saturday we hosted our son’s second annual Halloween Party.  Very important to note: no girls were allowed, unless his long time best friend, Nadja could come.  This year, my husband and I remembered only the good times had by all last year, and decided to up the ante a bit and go all out with the decorations.

Since I’m now soley focused on what I can DIY instead of buy, I decided to take on the project of decorating the inside of our house with DIY projects.  There are a TON of ideas that I sifted through to come up with our theme.  Spiders, bats and rats, oh my!!!!!  Can you tell we were decorating for a three year old?

Below are some snapshots of our DIY projects.  All pretty easy to make, though some took longer than others.

This is a snapshot of the house walking into the front door


I think these pumpkins and monsters were the hit of the party. So easy to make: Mason jars, tissue paper, modge podge and black construction paper


Quick and Easy Halloween banner: Halloween scrapbook paper, hemp yarn, mini wooden clothes pins, and black vinyl letters


Mice on the stairs were a must. I went to and printed off the templates for these babies and then cut them out on black cardstock.


We focused most of our time getting the dining room ready for the party. Above the table are halloween lights that I spruced up a bit. I used mini dixie cups, glued halloween paper around them, created a small X with an exacto knife on the top of the cups and stuck them through the lights.


You can also see my DIY “Eat Drink and Be Scary” canvas. We continued the theme of cutout spiders to go along with the mice too.

We all know that people decide if a party was good or not based on the food and drinks. Here’s a snapshot of the amazing cake my friend Mindy of Mindy’s Tasty Confections made for our party. She really can design anything you can imagine. She made the eyeball cupcakes and gory cookies on the table too. AMAZING!!!

You can also see my mummy juice boxes. I just wrapped toilet paper around them and stuck on googly eyes. Such a cute idea!


I don’t bake or really cook for that matter but these owl cupcakes were too hard to pass up. I made brownie cupcakes with chocolate frosting then used oreo cookies for the eyes, and reeses pieces for the eyeballs, ears and nose.


Gotta love the carrot fingers with almond slices for the fingernails. The mice cheese and crackers was a fun and easy little project.


At the end of the party all of the boys took home their treat filled ghosts. I used starbucks frappucino bottles, spray painted them white and cut out the ghosts’ faces out of construction paper. They were filled with what else but mice, spiders, bats and of course candy!


All in all, it was a great night.  Our boys slept in the next morning which was a sign that my husband and I still know how to throw a great party.  Hope you and yours have a wonderful Halloween!


– Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach

Posted by Sara


  1. cute party Sara, the decor is fab and the treats look oh so yummy!

  2. I love the decor! We love to throw Halloween parties but have never done themed food… Until now. I am totally borrowing that owl cupcake idea!

  3. So fun! What great ideas! The mice were a little too believable, however 😉

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