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Posted by on Oct 4, 2011 | 1 comment

DIY Teen: The Duct Tape Craze

DIY Teen: The Duct Tape Craze

I don’t have a teenager (yet) but I’ve always been fascinated with the teen subculture – music, fashion, and one of the latest fads, DIY duct tape projects. Take Claire and Samantha. They spend hours making accessories with duct tape that they buy in an astonishing variety of colors and patterns. Each roll costs about $5.


They figured out how to make their creations by experimenting and making some “disasters” in the first few attempts. One afternoon after school, Claire and Samantha showed me the steps for making a duct-tape wallet and bracelet.


Claire starts with recycled paper and makes the pattern.


She then duct tapes the paper.


She uses a different color “to add a little pop of color.”


She traces a square and adds duct tape to create a small pocket inside the clutch.


Samantha uses a strip of duct tape and folds it in half.


She folds the tape into a circle to make a bracelet.



Claire says that “you can pretty much duct tape anything,” which is the magic of this craft. A teenager in Ohio made her prom dress and a suit for her date out of duct tape this past Spring. Not comfortable but what a feat!

I’ve challenged her and Samantha to make some items for the home for DIY Del Ray, like a duct tape serving tray or a pillow. I trust they will come through with something fabulous.

Do you know of any other teens doing DIY crafts and other kinds of projects? If so, let us know at diydelray[at] so we can add a profile and expand on our DIY Del Ray Teen series.

Posted by Leslie

1 Comment

  1. Wow – that’s amazing. I had no idea people were making so much stuff with duct tape.

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