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Posted by on Jul 7, 2011 | 3 comments

A Toddler, an Infant and One Tiny Bedroom

A Toddler, an Infant and One Tiny Bedroom

When my husband and I bought our two bedroom row house in the Del Ray area we were pregnant with our first son. We assumed we would stay in the house for three years max and then move to a bigger house when we decided to have a second baby.  Well, we fell in love with the neighborhood and our house and then we got pregnant with boy #2.  When we made the final decision to stay for a while longer, we realized we were really going to have to use our creative juices to make our house work for our growing family, most importantly, how to make the small second bedroom work for two boys.

Here was my list of things a shared bedroom needed:
1) Closet space for two sizes of clothes
2) Furniture that didn’t take a lot of space but also offered ample storage
3) Space for the boys to play cars or trains on the floor
4) Room for our favorite reading chair
5) Crib, toddler bed and changing table (my biggest challenge)

After months and months of researching and planning we did it! Below are pictures of the finished product.  I’m pretty proud of how we made this work.  Notice the crib with the attached changing table that also has two deep drawers below it as well as two cubbies? Also the toddler bed has two storage drawers that run the width of the bed.  The best surprise was, with the new layout and new furniture we were able to fit a book-case into the room which serves as the book and toy corner.

boys room 5

boys room 4

boys room 3

boys room 1

Some lessons I learned while doing this project:
1)  Dark colors can definitely make a small room look BIGGER when paired with light furniture. I used a dark gray which really made the white furniture pop.

2) ALWAYS MEASURE before you buy the furniture.  I made the mistake of eyeing and winging it more than once when doing this project which just made it all the more frustrating

3) We splurged on crown molding in the boys’ room and I think it made a world of difference and opened up the room even more.

Where I got the stuff:
Paint Color: Granite by Benjamin Moore (I got the AURA because you don’t need to prime and you only need one coat)
Crib: BSF Austin Crib and Changer Combo 
Toddler Bed: Davinci Modena Toddler Bed

Posted by Sara


  1. Looks great!

  2. If that’s a small room then my child must live in a closet.

    • Haha, we know the feeling! This bedroom is about 8×10. Sara did a great job maximizing the space.

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