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Posted by on Jul 6, 2011 | 0 comments

Unique Ways to Display Children’s Art

Unique Ways to Display Children’s Art

If you’re like me, with small children, then you have piles of their art that you struggle to keep in some semblance of order. I have some in an archival box, some in a large flat portfolio, and lots rolled up and standing on end in a box. I take photos of their art and keep them on my Flickr site. I have also framed a lot of it, using standard frames recycled from other art and photos.
My favorite ways to display children’s art come courtesy of two local Del Ray framers.   You can go to Del Ray Picture Framing (2009 Mt. Vernon) and ask to have a work of art box mounted. They have examples of small and large box mounted children’s art in the shop. I’ve done this once for paintings by each of my daughters.

We chose the color for the sides. You can get a sense of how it looks from the photo of the ones I box mounted and hung up.

Another clever way to showcase children’s art is to use a frame that Stephanie at Artifacts, Inc. (21-A East Custis) thought up.


They’re plexi frames sized to accommodate oddly sized kids’ masterpieces. The art can stick out from the sides and it looks intentionally charming. You can easily swap out the art to put in newer pieces too.
Let us know your favorite ways of displaying your children’s art. If you like, you can share photos on the DIY Del Ray Flickr site.
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